left ventricle

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the chamber on the left side of the heart that receives arterial blood from the left atrium and pumps it into the aorta

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As reported last November 2013 at the American Heart Association annual meeting in Dallas, interim results of the study showed left ventricle augmentation of the failing heart after implantation with Algisyl-LVR can be performed safely in patients with advanced heart failure and provides functional improvement in their health status.
The goal is to promote blood flow through the patient's left ventricle and thereby stimulate growth of the ventricle.
8 percent in the ejection fraction, or the amount of available blood pumped from the left ventricle.
The company's "spring-like" devices harness elastic energy produced by the left ventricle during systole (contraction) and release the energy during diastole (relaxation).
This supposition is proved by following facts: 1) similar activation patterns of the left ventricle during ventricular pacing from different depths; 2) similar activation patterns of the LV free wall during ipsiventricular (LV apical) pacing and contraventricular (right ventricular basal) pacing; 3) activation within the left ventricle spreads from the apex to the base during apical pacing in both chickens and animals with other ventricular activation patterns (3, 9, 10, 11).
These devices are designed to perform substantially all or part of the pumping function of the left ventricle of the natural heart for patients suffering from cardiovascular disease.
They generally splice this extra bit of plumbing into the aorta--the large artery through which oxygenated blood leaves the left ventricle on its way to the rest of the body.
Partial pericardial defects can be suspected by paradoxical septal motion, bulging of left ventricle through the defect and displacement of the heart towards more lateral position in thorax.
Six years ago, Lawrason underwent the procedure to restore proper blood flow through the artery serving the left ventricle of his heart.
The laser is computer synchronized with the patient's heartbeat (covered by a broad patent) and triggered to fire during the interval between heartbeats when the left ventricle is filled with blood.
Threaded into the top of the heart through an artery in the groin, the newly developed miniature pump pulls blood through an attached tube that hangs into the left ventricle.
Preliminary ad interim analysis data have confirmed the excellent performances of this product in terms of haemodynamics, recovery of left ventricle systolic function, low early and late complication associated with friendly implant technique.
A silicone tube was introduced into left ventricle via aorta and a purse string suture was tied over it to close the aorta to prevent leakage from left ventricle during filling (Fig.
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