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the piece of ground in the outfield on the catcher's left

the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is expected to field balls in the left third of the outfield (looking from home plate)


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Eavis told the audience he had renamed the 21-metre tower that stands over the Left Field the "Benn Tower of Strength".
Defensively, Gould in left field and Jay Raschi at shortstop made all the plays in the field for Sons of Softball.
Left Field director Geoff Martin said: "We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring a little bit of Glastonbury to the City of Culture and to take a little bit of Liverpool down to Worthy Farm in June.
A new recording of 'I Shot the Sheriff' featuring Neville Staples from the Specials, members of the Beat and Madness and Clint Boon from the Inspiral Carpets will also be unveiled at Glastonbury's Left Field and can be seen and heard on-line at www.
Ingalls Moranville's client roster includes Sun Microsystems, Del Monte Foods, Kensington Technology Group, US WEST and Zircon Corporation, while Left Field services such companies as Amazon.
Our event follows Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis' tribute to the legendary Tony Benn, right, who inspired Left Field audiences many times over the last years of his life.
After Eric Arsenault walked, Mike Notaro singled to left field.
Well, maybe not the whole festival, but the Left Field Stage, and along with it some of the hottest new bands around.
For the first time ever, organisers of the Left Field area of the famous festival are moving out of Somerset for a special one-off gig.
Ethier has made 14 starts in left field and 82 starts in right field and has hit third (three games), fifth (eight games), sixth (four games), seventh (48 games) and eighth (31 games).
Outfielders line up in center field and left field and the outfield coach hits line drives in the gaps, which the fielders attempt to cut off.
Free Taco for America If Home Run is Hit over Left Field During Game Three of 2006 World Series
Rox first baseman Clyde Williams had to rush his throw to second and wound up sailing it into left field, allowing Pennell to go to third.
Festival organiser Michael Eavis looked on as the steel structure was positioned in the Left Field area, where political debate will mix with music during the three-day event.
Out of left field: Tim Salmon received just his third start in the outfield, playing in left field, where he also played twice in 2004.