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10 cabinet installation screws 6 1x4 ledger board 1 5mm L-shape shelf pins 56 1-1/8" connector bolts and nuts 12 36" oval closet rod (cut to length with hacksaw) 1 24" oval closet rods (cut to length with hacksaw) 2
Specifically, check the ledger board, support posts and joists beneath the deck, deck floor boards, railings and stairs.
For ground-level decks, Bean recommends using a second support beam and posts instead of a ledger board.
Structural screws work great for hanging a ledger board and fastening thick framing members.
We replaced it with a galvanized steel product designed specifically for deck ledger boards.
Place plastic tile spacers on the ledger board and countertop.
Don't countersink the screws--that only weakens the ledger board.
Q I plan to add a deck onto my house, but I'm not sure how to flash around the ledger board.
You attach brackets to the ledger board and joists, then slide panels into the brackets.
Start by marking the ledger board location on the house wall.
Transfer the joist layout from the ledger board to this inner joist.
Start under the ledger board ant install a strip of J-channel.
Screw a temporary 1x2 ledger board through the drywall into the studs.
The first step in constructing our deck was to cut the siding away from the house and fasten the ledger board (Photo 1).
The easiest method for running deck joists, especially when you're working alone, is to attach joist hangers to the ledger board before installing your joists.