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any of several plant glycoproteins that act like specific antibodies but are not antibodies in that they are not evoked by an antigenic stimulus

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Lectins do damage the gut in studies that feed animals raw beans or pure lectin.
Caption: Beans are high In lectins, but soaking and cooking renders them harmless.
The active constituents of turmeric are curcumin and lectin; curcumin initiates apoptosis of cancerous cells without affecting the normal cells, while lectin has been reported to have antibacterial, antifungal and [alpha]-glucosidase inhibitory activity (Petnual et al.
It's critical to note that the majority of lectin studies have been done with isolated lectins, not actual foods, and have been conducted in test tubes or in animals, not in people.
These results suggest that lectin assisted detection of tumor specific glycan structures on CA125 in serum samples is feasible, but the binding strength of the lectins, generally known to possess low affinities, must be improved for an analytically sensitive and robust clinical assay.
To validate our method, we compared the proposed support with a commonly used one for lectin immobilization, Sephadex G-75.
In conjunction, the 601 Patent covers methods of capturing an exosome whereby an exosome from a patient is contacted with an affinity device that comprises an affinity absorbent comprising a lectin thereby capturing the exosome on the affinity absorbent, stated the company.
Dr Kasak and his colleagues, Dr Jaroslav Filip and Josef from CAM, in collaboration, with Dr Jan Tkac and Dr Katrlik from Slovak Academy of Sciences, had been engaged in developing lectin biochips for cancer diagnosis under the National Priorities Research Programme of Qatar National Research Fund for the last three years.
Lectin, a class of sugar-binding and cell-agglutinating proteins, ubiquitous in nature, being found in all kinds of organisms (11) and lectin recognition hypothesis points out that lectin have specific binding sites both on root hair and bacterial polysaccharides, so it can be used as a bridge to link biomass and root hair.
Hemagglutination units (HU) were expressed as the reciprocal of the highest dilution of the lectin showing detectable hemagglutination.
Bt gene being unable to control sucking insects, lectin seems to be a good alternative insecticidal gene.
Furthermore, the effects of wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), soybean lectin (SBA), lentil lectin (LCA), and concanavalin A (ConA) on the settlement inducing activities of shell chips (SC) of conspecifics and OSE were investigated.
pendula a glucose/mannose specific lectin was isolated that has been characterised and used as tool in histochemistry (Beltrao et al.