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desk or stand with a slanted top used to hold a text at the proper height for a lecturer


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The K-MAX[R] has proven itself worldwide as a very reliable, low-maintenance helicopter with high availability rates, attributes that will help meet China's growing demand for a responsive, heavy-lift, utility helicopter" said Simon Lau, director of Sales for Lectern.
The metal color options, Silver Sparkle, Dark Gray, Black, and Champagne Metallic, will be made available at standard pricing and lead times on all new products Spectrum introduces in 2015, including the Freedom One eLift Lectern, Media Manager Elite Lectern, and the InVision Element Table.
The Labour leader, again using his trusty travelling lectern, pledged to sort out David Cameron's botched borders policies if he takes power next week.
A new lectern, (where the Bible is read and sermons preached), was dedicated in his memory.
Shaw accompanied him into the church, up the aisle to the lectern, where the hymn was changed, with his pipe in his mouth smoking, and afterwards proceeded from the lectern to the organ-room with the pipe in his mouth, but could not say whether the smoke issued therefrom during the interval he was walking from the lectern to the organ.
Seating and lectern arrangements can be different for each meeting.
8DA followed WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Scallop 9 Thief 10 Altar 11 Arrange 12 Ear 13 Spotless 16 Hallowed 17 Roe 19 Reactor 21 Tenet 22 Floor 23 Slander DOWN: 1 Ashamed 2 Bacteria 3 Blur 4 Startled 5 Mien 6 After 8 Play on words 13 Solitary 14 Serenade 15 Lectern 18 Draft 20 Avon 21 Trap QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Loudspeaker 8 Rib 9 Lip 11 Elevate 12 Lasso 13 Soy 14 Eel 15 Boycott 17 Tea 19 Orgy 21 Lady 23 Shoe 25 Weir 27 Flu 29 Chaotic 31 Raw 34 Bog 36 Drift 37 Archive 38 Yes 39 Red 40 Application DOWN: 1 Lilo 2 Obey 3 Diamond 4 Pierce 5 Allot 6 Else 7 Rise 8 Resit 10 Polly 16 Too 18 Ali 20 Ref 22 Arc 24 Haircut 25 Wordy 26 Mosaic 28 Urged 30 Hotel 32 Area 33 Wisp 34 Biro 35 Oven
I surveyed the audience, packed with young, smirking faces ready to unleash a tsunami of schadenfreude when someone froze at the lectern.
Victoria Home Guard Historical Society vice president Sharon Phillips at the lectern is joined by (from left) Pat Elaschuk, Linda Collier.
The 6 feet Prime Minister told a room full of journalists he had to kneel at a lectern set up for the 5ft 5in French president so that he could reach the microphone.
The children have been presented with copies of the lectern displays, mounted on foam, for display at school.
Summary: Barack Obama was addressing a gathering of prominent women when the presidential seal fell off the front of his lectern.
His former brass eagle lectern, altar table and stall used at Tallarn Green Church, also known as St Mary Magdalene's Church, in Wrexham in the 1940s went under the hammer at Bonham's in Chester.
A BIRMINGHAM church is vying for a prize which would see its 200-year-old brass lectern restored to its former glory.
Yesterday, more than 15 children clad in navy and light blue Burkett Little League shirts huddled in front of a lectern at the field, where City Manager Michael V.