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Synonyms for lecherous

Synonyms for lecherous

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given to excessive indulgence in sexual activity

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England's New Zealand sojourn was overshadowed by players' raucous behaviour at a bar in Queenstown, before three players - Chris Ashton, James Haskell and Dylan Hartley - were forced to apologise to a female hotel worker in Dunedin for lecherous comments.
In the TV show Family Guy, what is the name of the Griffins' lecherous neighbour?
In shifting the scenes Greig cleverly also changes the language, replacing the poetry of kings and queens with the ribaldry of drunken and lecherous soldiers.
The New York Times critic Anthony Tommasini described the offending stage business, "where the lecherous Scarpia straddles a statue of the Blessed Virgin and consorts with tawdry prostitutes; where, after stabbing Scarpia, Tosca muses on a couch in his rooms at the palazzo instead of enacting the ritual of expiation with the candles and the crucifix that Puccini devised.
Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal and Senator Elizabeth Little, who are co-sponsoring the Bill, hope the measures, including the brochure, could help save New York's hotel workers from a seeming epidemic of lecherous guests.
The story gets complicated when Fallon learns that the lecherous girl, Susan Sides, who drove him to his suicide attempt, may be a human/Suicide hybrid.
When you tell someone that your band's name is Lecherous Gaze, do they ever think you're saying, "Lecherous Gays?
According to a report in Saturday's Shams newspaper, the man dressed in a woman's full abayya wasn't even suspected of being a lecherous peeping tom; he was so intoxicated that he lifted the veil himself, revealing to horrified ladies a full mustache above a drunken grin.
Summary: A new TV ad depicts a cartoon character called 'Salwa' hitting her lecherous boss with a red handbag.
I THINK your mum will be more hurt if she finds out you've been so upset and that her wonderful new fella is actually a lecherous, two-faced creep.
But instead of a mighty veteran adventurer magician, the best they can find is the lecherous, klutzy, and incompetent novice Louie
Sarah dumps lecherous lecturer Roger when he makes a pass at Zoe.
Lindsay leaves her boring job at the garden centre and goes to work at a local car sales business -much to the anger of Mack, who knows new boss Owen from way back and suspects he has a lecherous ulterior motive for hiring her
The women -- Blanchard's girlfriend, Kay (a too-young Scarlett Johansson playing dress-up), the lecherous seductress Madeleine (Hilary Swank) and, of course, the Dahlia herself, Elizabeth Short (Mia Kirshner) -- are grist for the Dream Factory.
Sent to live with and skivvy for an aunt, she has to endure the attentions of a lecherous cousin until she leaps into marriage with a wealthy but cruel old man.