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someone who leaves


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This is a national week of events organised by councils and care leavers' groups aimed at highlighting the needs of care leavers and the challenges they face as they enter adult life.
Dr Claire Fitzpatrick, a lecturer in criminology at Lancaster University, and Patrick Williams, a senior lecturer in criminology at Manchester Metropolitan University, said a recent pilot scheme had suggested active intervention to help care leavers into soceity could help.
In both English and Dutch contexts Leaver addresses the question of "liturgical necessity," that is, the role of hymns as part of the liturgy (as they were at Wittenberg) as distinct from merely being an aid to private devotions.
The Corporate Leavers website is a product of the Corporate Leavers Survey--a quantitative and qualitative study completed in 2007.
The main goal of leaver studies is to assess the circumstances of welfare recipients after leaving welfare.
Sean Taylor, 32, was horrified when he saw the Irish Sunday Mirror's story about Guy Cavalero - aka conman Graham Leaver - and his Fly The Stars CD.
It was really hopeful seeing how much support Dean got during the primaries," Leaver says.
The company said taking on Leaver was part of its brand development programme for the wines within the UK and Ireland--key markets for driving value and volume sales.
It was the second off-season hire for Leaver, who recently appointed himself as girls' lacrosse coach, replacing Heather Waterman.
Leaver is 3-1 second favourite with Paddy Power, who have Harrison available at 5-1, although bigger prices on the pair can be found with Bodog.
The Dubai Mercantile Exchange Limited (DME) has appointed Thomas Leaver as its new chief executive officer.
In part one, Leaver traces the place of music in Luther's life from childhood through his life as monk, professor, and reformer.
Leaver and his work in sacred music history and theology.
IT, Leaver insisted, needed to reinvent itself to remain relevant.