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someone who leaves


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Through the Care Leaver Covenant, we are boosting the practical support available to care leavers, such as apprenticeships or work experience, linking them up with private and voluntary organisations as well as government departments.
Criminoligists have been studying the needs of care leavers to address the large numbers of adults who grew up in care who end up in prison.
Upon his diagnosis, Leaver insisted the real victims are the civilians since he was a first responder, said Rosaria, his widow.
Part I: Gestation and Birth of the Leaver Community: Trends and Patterns in the Past Fifty Years
Tama Leaver begins his examination of the permutations of artificiality in popular culture by considering moments when the artificial was not at odds with the human.
Public confidence in the professions and the NMC would not be sustained if Miss Leaver was not removed from the Register.
I wanted the company to get to the point where the future is far more certain," Leaver told Reuters.
They said they value speed over everything else and they believe IT doesn't get it," according to Leaver.
Leaver is 3-1 second favourite with Paddy Power, who have Harrison available at 5-1, although bigger prices on the pair can be found with Bodog.
Gary King and Thomas Leaver have worked together over the last 32 months to build a truly international and world class exchange,' said Ahmad Sharaf, chairman of the Dubai Mercantile Exchange.
In part one, Leaver traces the place of music in Luther's life from childhood through his life as monk, professor, and reformer.
Leaver and his work in sacred music history and theology.
Nipmuc Regional athletic director Bill Leaver has enjoyed how the Warriors' football program has developed into a contender over the past few years.
Chilean wine company Santa Rita has recruited Richard Leaver as corporate commercial director to provide added focus to the UK and Ireland market.
The hand he's been dealt is really terrible," says Erik Leaver at the Institute for Policy Studies.