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Synonyms for leaven

Synonyms for leaven

an agent that stimulates or precipitates a reaction, development, or change

Synonyms for leaven

a substance used to produce fermentation in dough or a liquid

an influence that works subtly to lighten or modify something


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cause to puff up with a leaven

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ORDERLY: Above from left are Cpt Ann Steed, cadet Sgt Ben Richardson, cadet Cpl Larissa Bennett and CSM Steve Leavens.
Crux of the message was about Ed's genealogical research, tracing the Leavens lineage back to England and France, including royal lines - William the Conqueror, the Plantagenet kings, and other royal families in Europe.
Now, David Schwabauer is assessing the damage to his 750-acre Leavens Ranch north of Moorpark, worried that he has lost up to 10,000 trees.
95) presents challenging scientific information in a particularly accessible way, and leavens its message with personal anecdotes from the former Vice President's life.
Then Jesus started telling them that the kingdom of God is like a woman who is so foolish that she tries to hide leaven, the yeast, in bread dough and subsequently leavens the whole batch of dough.
While I may not abandon Mark for the psalmist, if spending time in the psalmist's company leavens my Lenten preaching with a bit more uncertainty and my Easter preaching with a bit more joy, a "cupped ear" as I listen to the psalmist and an "open mouth" as I join the psalmist in speaking to God can only enrich my preaching and my--and my hearers'--pilgrimage through Lent and Easter.
Still, the choreography leavens the process with sudden ruptures in the pristine order.
The authors' enthusiasm leavens the sometimes-heavy academic writing, as do illustrations and photos of ritual practices and objects as well as discussions of altered consciousness and the cross-dressing priests of the Roman Empire.
While a child's mind may nimbly arrange and organize the ever-rotating multiplicity of characters in this novel, it's likely to have a mild hallucinogenic effect on adult readers, but Barker's storytelling skill leavens the disorientation through occasional grounding views of Chickentown and its citizens' reactions to Candy's disappearance.
By filtering his politics through Poltergeist, Sol'Sax both leavens his lead-pipe message and reminds us that the horrors we delight in when they crawl cobwebbed from some Hollywood basement have distinct historical roots.
On this ideal, a superpower was built, however damaged and threatened it is nowadays by zealous forces -- both within and without -- whose goal it is to utterly destroy that Christian faith which still leavens that land and to prevent the knowledge and experience of Christ from reaching the ears and hearts of His beloved creatures.
Although he can't resist the urge to call military contractors "merchants of death" and anti-regulatory lobbies "the forces of darkness," he leavens his indignation with a welcome dash of mischievous humor ("Congress: Training Grounds for Real Jobs").
The late Charles Leavens, remembered as Webster's unofficial historian, researched the history of Indian trails during the decades that he hand copied public and private records, and decided that information from those early years was scarce, according to papers in the public library.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- Adelaide Leavens, Executive Director of Streams and Valleys, a non-profit and primary advocacy group for the Trinity River, has announced the formation of Friends of the River, a new support group for the organization that will launch the first annual Party in the Village on Thursday evening Oct.
Her band has actually heard artists like Radiohead and their ilk, and the presence of such modern sounds leavens the pop-instrumental elements considerably.