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Synonyms for leavening

an agent that stimulates or precipitates a reaction, development, or change

Synonyms for leavening

an influence that works subtly to lighten or modify something


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a substance used to produce fermentation in dough or a liquid

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The main factors were fermentation time (6 h and 8 h) while the sub-factor were leavening agents (yeast, combination of baking powder and yeast, and neither yeast nor baking powder) and the sub-sub-factor was shelf-life (day 1 and day 2).
The study, which was commissioned by Innophos, compared Cal-Rise and Cal-Rise blends with alternative leavening agents commonly used in tortilla applications.
It was particularly impressive to note the sample baked products had a markedly clean taste without the notorious lingering metallic tones most leavening agents leave.
Describe the role carbon dioxide plays in the leavening of quick breads, cakes, and cookies.
Thesman, the author of Calling the Swan, The Other Ones, and other YA novels, is skilled at creating suspense and leavening it with a bit of humor, too, as the forest beings squabble and in the guesthouse the cousins do, too--I was reminded a bit of E.
As a showcase for PNB's dancers, the work is outstanding, with new soloist Christophe Maraval conveying the leavening humor without burlesque, and Stacey Lowenberg, underused in her previous stint with Oregon Ballet Theatre, in a shining performance partnered by Jeffrey Stanton.
While the book covers ground familiar to readers of social welfare history, Odem does a masterful job of synthesizing recent scholarship and leavening it with her own insights.
To provide leavening or control acidity/alkalinity.
Dissatisfied by the quality of bread available, they introduced a commercial yeast product with a remarkable leavening power.
They determined that under optimal storage conditions, it appears that baking powder retains its functionality as a leavening agent for many years and can be included in applications requiring long-term food storage.
Leavening the compositions are homely smatterings of paint that owe more to AbEx than anything we've yet seen from this artist.
The short baking time--sometimes as short as 4-6 minutes-doesn't allow batter structure to develop or leavening reactions to have their full effect.
He examines and discusses oxidants and reducing agents, emulsifiers, surfactants, leavening agents, yeast, gluten and gums.
Baking ammonia, an old-fashioned leavening agent and predecessor to today's baking soda and baking powder, is also known as ammonium carbonate.
Chemical (phosphate) leavening has been around for a long time.