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made light by aerating, as with yeast or baking powder

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Quick breads refer to a category of breads that are leavened with carbon dioxide gas from chemical leaveners.
With recipes organized regionally and ranging from side dishes like Baingan Bharta (Purred Roasted Eggplant with Onions, Tomatoes and Spices); to fancy breads such as Naan (Flat Bread made with Leavened Dough); to gourmet quality entrees including Marzwangan Korma (Lamb Cooked in Red Pepper and Tamarind Sauce), Ajanta: Regional Feasts Of India would make an elegant, sophisticated, and enduringly popular addition to both personal and community library kitchen cookbook collections.
With a sense of humor leavened by political courage, Ratmansky remade the ballet.
FULL marks to Marcus Armytage for filling the best part of 300 pages with anecdotes culled from his articles in the Daily Telegraphand Horse & Hound, leavened with illustrations by the admirable Peter Curling.
moments often pack an emotional or political punch, but are always leavened by the artist's sense of humor.
We have leavened the mix with a handful of thought leaders--Diane Swonk, Chris Zook, Clyde Prestowitz and Bill Niskanen.
The story, spiced with and leavened with village gossip, intrigue and back-stabbing, moves at a lively pace as the rubbish trucks close in on Zinnia's garden - until she comes up with a tricky horticultural solution.
Will perfectly cast Schwarzenegger as "a man who is, politically, Hollywood's culture leavened by a few paragraphs of Milton Friedman.
According to the long-awaited preamble to the European constitution, Europe's history is leavened by a "spiritual impulse," but God is nowhere to be found in the document.
Bush may represent something new, a combination of Lyndon Johnson's romantic attachment to Israel leavened by an awareness of the hard geopolitical realities.
Writing in a strong, assertive, declamatory voice, uncompromising in his racial pride, Davis often leavened his poems with flashes of lyricism as well as with wit and mordant satire--as in the sequence of poems entitled "Ebony Under Satire" that appeared in both Black Man's Verse and his second collection, I Am the American Negro.
Instead, unlike leavened bread that rises, the story remains flat.
Now that gingerbread and Yule log recipes have been returned to their rightful place, the idea of spring begs a feature on leavened ingredients, so why not brioche?
The main points of conflict were papal claims to universal supremacy in the church, the Western insistence in its creed that the Holy Spirit "proceeds from the Father and the Son"--rather than from the Father only--and whether eucharistic bread should be unleavened or leavened (most Eastern churches use leavened bread).
Also an organic farm, Shelburne produces cheddar cheese from its own chemical-tree milk, and makes sourdough bread from organically grown grain, leavened with natural sourdough.