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having leaves or leaves as specified


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Choose from silver-edged, golden-edged, gray-wooly leaved, or the more common green-leaved Mother-of-Thyme.
RemarKably diverse, they range from hardy herbaceous ground cover to showy but tender zonals, ivy leaved geraniums and regal pelargoniums.
It is also an excellent opportunity to learn more about the native flora of the woods which includes Small Leaved Lime.
Think carefully about which clover to use - Barblanca and Reisling are two large leaved varieties that seem to cope well with silage systems, AberDai and AberConcord are good examples of medium leaved clovers that will even tolerate a bit of winter sheep grazing.
Scented or colorfully leaved sweet flag offers grass-like growth.
One of my favorites is the little leaved linden, Tilia cordata.