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Synonyms for leatherlike

resembling or made to resemble leather

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Because of its leatherlike qualities, the microfiber Chamois leather is ideal for cleaning all smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, plastics, tiles, cermics, cars and computers.
Atrivm stitched ribbons and leatherlike cut fabrics in its solid-color bed linens.
CT-1395, designed for automobile steering wheels, reduces the density of modified PBT resin molded onto the wheel while at the same time giving it a softer, more leatherlike feel.
Infelise had pulmonary fibrosis, a condition in which the lungs become leatherlike, honeycombed with cysts.
There was a touch of the exotic in the leatherlike costumes with wisps of fabric floating from the shoulders (by Paul Compitus).
Falla examines Mike's body and notes that almost half of it is covered with charred, leatherlike skin.
Cut off the tough, leatherlike skin from ham (if it has it; some hams will not), and score the fat in a cross-hatch pattern.
Meanwhile, high-end upholstery company Vanguard Furniture devoted a showroom display to ultrasuede, a man-made leatherlike fabric, but not because of its easy care benefit but because of its apparel appeal.
2--Color) It's the '50s with a '90s edge, thinks D'Errico, as she poses in gray flannel capri pants and a leatherlike top, $76, all by Poleci, from Bloomingdale's.
The company's latest attempt at addressing durability is Avantige, a leatherlike material that includes Lycra and was developed in collaboration with Neutron Technologies of the United Kingdom.