leatherback turtle

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wide-ranging marine turtle with flexible leathery carapace

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Secondary nesting beaches for leatherback turtles on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.
The leatherback turtle meat and eggs were a source of income for fisher folk in the parish and this leads to poaching and slaughtering of the now protected turtles and destruction of the nest by people and animals.
This is the second occasion when a live leatherback turtle was seen in Pakistan, said a press release issued here on Wednesday.
A two-meter-long leatherback turtle weighing between 250 and 300 kilos laid the eggs on the bank of Yawa River on July 19.
The 7000-km journey of a leatherback turtle tracked by satellite.
Our analysis indicates the number of leatherback turtle nests on this beach has declined 78 percent over the last 27 years," Peter Dutton of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Southwest Fisheries Science Center, said in a press release.
Summary: Hundreds of leatherback turtle eggs have been crushed by bulldozers along the coast of Trinidad.
Leatherback turtle births naturally ebb and flow from year to year in response to climate variations, with more hatchlings, and rare pulses of male hatchlings, entering the eastern Pacific Ocean in cooler, rainier years.
Drifting on the currents, he meets a leatherback turtle called Ray (Robert Sheehan) and they become best friends.
Along with his best friend, a leatherback turtle called Ray (Sheehan), he circumnavigates the globe and encounters deadly piranhas, a scavenging fish eagle and a Parisian cat called Fluffy (Novak), who resents being usurped in his hippy owner's affections.
The journey of the Leatherback Turtle will both astound and mystify the reader.
Carrier bags in the sea look just like a tasty jellyfish to a passing leatherback turtle or whale.