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if nothing else ('leastwise' is informal and 'leastways' is colloquial)

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Leastways, the fact that by increasing the consumed dosage the amount of sub conglomerated weeds declines and the competence of herbicide grows is normal; however, there is no significant difference between the recommended dosages (16 grams per hectare) and 13-gram care and 19-gram care per hectare, in terms of herbicide competence, in fact, increasing the dosage does not affect the herbicide competence dramatically and 13 grams per hectare can be used as well (figure 1).
In spite of the fact John Fay reckons this is the role which will make Kerrie a star - "ah, that's really nice" - Kerrie has nothing major lined up, leastways not which she can reveal.
Leastways he always laughs when I greet him as "Comrade Leader".
Leastways, that was my thought process Thursday, until the tears started flowing.
I certainly don't want to get anyone into trouble, leastways myself.
But I didn't row any of them back, not alive, leastways.
I know she's sweet on me, or leastways she's sweet on my position here as gardener and the stability it gives, but well, she's not into books much, sir, nor her letters.
to sleeves, suffuse on leastways suffrance the armways of root.
You probably didn't recognize him 'cause he was looking so old--older than dirt or leastways like he might have been one of the folks walking behind Jesus on the road to Calvary.
And for my part I will endeavor myself to assemble, out of the books of ancient poets and philosophers, matter well apt to my purpose as also new or at the leastways infrequent, or seldom heard of them that have not read very many authors in Greek and Latin.
Ain't got a reason to run away-- leastways, not one would save my life.
IT'S home sweet home - leastways we pray it is for the sake of our Premier League sanity.
99 (Piccadilly) THERE aren't many books that make the reader think, leastways not as much as these.
But then this argument is not really about the Post Office any more, leastways not in the minds of the occupants of Downing Street.
At their best, and given strong team selection, United have already proved that they can comfortably take care of Blackburn, leastways at St James' Park, winning 3-1 back in late September during their long unbeaten league run.