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land or property held under a lease

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By adding these assets to its current leasehold position of 63,000 net acres, AEPB says it will have established one of the sector's top leasehold positions in the Wolfcamp Shale play in Reagan County.
They are concerned the "lack of regulation disproportionately hurts the most vulnerable, with 37% of leaseholders not in employment" and claim an independent regulator could cost as little as pounds 2 a year per managed leasehold property.
The Barnett Shale is found at 6,300 feet MD (measured depth) and is approximately 285 feet thick on the east side of the leasehold and thins to approximately 235 feet thick on the west side of the leasehold.
The remaining length of a lease is often overlooked in the early stages of marketing a leasehold property.
Leasehold mortgagees typically face regulatory requirements for a minimum "cushion" when it comes to the length of the lease term.
Cushman & Wakefield corporate finance partner Matthew Stone, who will lead the Birmingham seminar at Opus restaurant, Cornwall Street, on Tuesday, said leasehold liabilities were a major issue for firms fighting back from the recession.
Leasehold, on the other hand, means that you have the right to occupy the house and land for a set length of time, such as 99 years, subject to an arnnual ground rent with obligations to repair, requiring the freeholder's consent to do any alterations.
The residential leasehold sector can be a complex one to live in.
As the leasehold term gets shorter, the value of the property may become affected, as many building societies and banks are unwilling to give mortgages where there is fewer than 60 years left on a lease," he said.
Chesapeake plans to continue acquiring leasehold in the Marcellus Shale play and StatoilHydro will have the right to a 32.
Currently, the 15-year cost recovery period for leasehold improvements has been extended, but expires on December 31, 2007.
Specifically AJCA Section 211 (a)-(c) reduced the depreciation period for certain leasehold improvements to 15 years and requires use of the straight-line method: see Sec.
Such financing is typically secured by a leasehold deed of trust or mortgage.
On November 25, 1997, Tax Executives Institute filed comments with the Department of Finance proposing a legislative change in respect of the treatment of capital cost allowances (CCA) for leasehold improvements (Class 13 assets).
Company to Acquire Approximately 8,600 Net Acres of Leasehold in Tarrant and Johnson Counties, Texas and Enters into Land Services Agreement for Future Leasehold Acquisitions