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CEO Pat McArdle said: "Under the new banner of learning ability, Mayday Trust is leading the way with our focus on talents and strengths, rather than needs and disabilities.
Noting that assessment practices in higher education has a major influence on student learning because it directs attention to what is considered important, acts as an incentive for study, and acts to build or undermine student confidence in learning ability, Boud (adult education, U.
Even though Tildi thinks she is not a risk-taker, Olen can see her independent nature, pro-activity, and learning ability.
They witnessed veterans working on their dexterity, retraining their memory and expanding their learning ability.
Fourteen weeks after exposure, a neuropsychological study revealed that he had a cognitive impairment in learning ability of verbal and nonverbal learning memory; attention functions including focus, tracking, and divided attention; working memory; and semantic category retrieval.
1998), "There is a strong connection between language ability and learning ability.
Everyone had a learning ability of some sort," she says.
Vivien Davies, from the Portage and Pre-school service, who co-ordinated the day, said: "There is evidence that music can have a great impact on a child's learning ability It can be a very effective form of therapy as well as a catalyst for learning.
Such a variable, they assert, may be a proxy for an unobserved factor such as learning ability or time preference.
They are known to detrimentally affect a persons learning ability.
Choreographers find a quickness in their dancers' learning ability, an attention to detail, and ability to see the entire body.
Chief Justice Warren said segregation hindered learning ability by creating a sense of inferiority among minority children.
Fish oils contain EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (docasahexaenoic Acid) and GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid), all long chain polyunsaturated essential fatty acids that have been proven to play an important role in the development and maintenance of the eye and brain function, including co-ordination, learning ability, memory and concentration
Summing up the value of the VFC units, Ratkovich stated, "We dramatically affect and enhance the learning ability of Navy fleet fighter pilots and their readiness for deployment.
Lichtenthaler also shows that the utilization of the results of the technology intelligence "strongly depends on the learning ability of the underlying base organization.
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