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3) Although problem behavior may develop because of conditions within an animal (eg, disease, natural hormone levels), it is equally appropriate to evaluate problem behavior as a learned response to environmental contingencies.
On the contrary, joy is a learned response that requires time, patience and considerable struggle.
The supporting gestures of the women made me wonder whether looking out for one another, especially for those who are the most vulnerable during trying times, is a natural or a learned response.
It is an analysis of literature, concentrating on superstitions and the learned response to them.
1967) found that forebrain removal severely impaired or prevented acquisition, greatly reduced resistance to extinction, and completely abolished a previously learned response.
Being part of an audience is as much a learned response as preparation for performance.
She follows him in a brilliantly lensed sequence that's pure Hitchcock, down to Swinton's chignon; what's breathtaking here is that the scene isn't merely imitative, but plays like a learned response to the master's style.
He describes typical American behavior around food as "conditioned hypereating," with all the psychological and scientific implications: it is a learned response, not an innate one, and the eating we do is above and beyond necessity.
Resurgence is said to occur when a previously learned response recurs following a hiatus from that response, during which time some other response first is reinforced and thereafter extinguished.
The more you resist, the more you weaken the learned response.
The contrast between the sensations of these two fine books is striking--though the images of Tom and Paulie with their daughter are also sensations--as is my own learned response of distrusting the sentiment and trusting the violence.
But anxiety is a learned response - we're not born with it.
The appreciation of music and singing is a learned response, the teaching of which is often the first casualty of education programs in straitened circumstances.
The modules are activated in a patient-specific pattern, or phenotype, that is relatively stable and represents a learned response, or stereotype, reinforced by early headache manifestation, Dr.
They found that they had many opportunities to write, that they learned response rhetoric, and they developed a greater sense of audience.