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one of the three professions traditionally believed to require advanced learning and high principles

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C, the practice of medicine, long the paradigmatic learned profession, lacks precisely the link between technical knowledge and liberal education needed to make a profession "learned" in the relevant way.
Nursing is a learned profession (Rogers 1961, 1964, 1970); thus, education and practice of vocational, technological, and professional nurses must be differentiated and take place in institutions of higher learning.
It is not likely that journalists will ever qualify for professional standing as members of a learned profession, since with few exceptions (for example a medical reporter with an M.
Customarily, but not always, admission to licensing in the learned professions has been by examination.
Costas attributes the earlier opening to women of the French bar to: 1) a more democratic parliament; 2) a more diverse system of higher education; 3) relatively low prestige for the learned professions (compared to graduates of the grandes [acute{s{]co1es); and 4) high demand for university-trained personnel (compared to the oversupply of graduates in Germany).
There is no doubt that the learned profession is worthy of its fees.
The work brings alive the persistent struggle of one powerful, adventurous woman in her journey to advance nursing as a learned profession and scientific discipline.
Based on these occurrences, the accounting profession had four objectives: to be recognized as a learned profession, to establish a body of accounting literature, to establish a legal requirement that all publicly traded companies be audited and to help establish and foster high standards of efficiency and ethics in the profession.
Smith added that "trends on attitudes and practice seem to threaten to reduce a learned profession to a sheer commercial enterprise.
As a learned profession, that has the threat of totally changing what we are from a profession to totally a business," DeVault said.
Most lawyers agree with the ideal that ours is a learned profession and an honorable calling.
Above all, the accountants themselves must improve and firmly maintain those standards of professional efficiency and ethics which already exist, and without which the dignity and value of their calling as a learned profession cannot be maintained.
He has stressed the importance of law as learned profession that has much to learn and much to teach," Weidner said.
Law is the only learned profession in which one is ethically obligated to hurt people," asserts Walt Bachman in Law u Life: What Lawyers Are Afraid to Say About the Legal Profession, a new book structured around nine such aphorisms about lawyers, their clients, and the system within which they work.
The editors of the Journal, which was published under the auspices of the American Association of Public Accountants (a forerunner of the American Institute of CPAs), announced that the launching of the magazine marked "the beginning of a movement which has for its object the establishment of accountancy in law and opinion as a learned profession.