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someone who bounds or leaps (as in competition)


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LEAPER Thomas You always had a smile to share, someone to turn to loving and true, one in a million Grandad that was you.
connect with these issues is through story " Leaper was originally inspired by Steve Keay, a Tucked In audience member and unit manager of a salmon reconditioning unit for the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board in Perth, Scotland.
The letters, which Leaper had bought on the internet, featured the signature of an AA employee who had left the company and had actually died in 2010, the court heard.
Mr Leaper, a fisherman for about 27 years, recalled said he was having "just a normal day" fishing for monkfish when he made the new discovery.
Additionally, researchers (Daniels & Leaper, 2006; Slutzky & Simpkins, 2009) have investigated a variety of variables proposed to mediate the relationship between sport participation and individuals' self-esteem, including sport self-concept and perceived peer acceptance.
CREW: J Van Der Slot (6), M Bunyard (6), J Poison (1), R Leaper (13), A Leaper (2), M Wilson (5), J Marshall (5), T Cembala (4), A Cole (9), I Walker (24), R Grimes (24), R Tyson (13)
In a conversation with Anthony Leaper and Volker Hildebrand of SAP, they told me how the company sells its solutions in bite-sized chunks and also makes rapid-deployment solutions available for delivery in six to eight weeks.
Dekalb technical specialist David Leaper said: "Against this background, it's not surprising that vigour, disease resistance/tolerance, standing power and performance consistency stand out as growers' most important variety selection criteria, alongside output.
Residents' Association chairman Fran Leaper said: "People have been snapping the trunks of trees.
Cornish PB, Leaper CJ, Nelson G, McQuillan C, Anstis F, Stienstra R.
RBZ, LLP promoted Thomas Leaper and Stephen Rickert to partners .
He's explosive, he's a good leaper, a good shooter.
Norm Leaper, ABC, IABC Fellow, is president of The Leaper Company, a San Francisco, California-based communication consultancy.
Atop the shorter front overhang, the company's Jaguar medallion, the Leaper, resides.
Bizarre adventures introduce Beatrice and her buddies to a mad old man witch named Yorick, a weird group of magical cats, spooky ghosts who haunt the swamps, and the toadlike water leaper, who might be hiding a generous spirit behind his ugly visage.