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a second (as measured by an atomic clock) added to or subtracted from Greenwich Mean Time in order to compensate for slowing in the Earth's rotation

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Although, it's just another second, the leap second cannot be absolutely dismissed: The previous leap second in 2012, was almost eerie and apocalyptic for the tech world with some even comparing it to a 'Y2K' scenario.
Since the leap second procedure was introduced on January 1, 1972, a total of 25 leap seconds have been needed.
Dr Helal Al Kaabi, executive director of EMI explained: "Our latest move to add a leap second to the UAE standard time follows a decision by the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service in January 2015 to add a leap second to Coordinated Universal Time at the end of June this year".
According to Stamatakos, the addition of leap seconds was really down to physics.
The last leap seconds happened in 2008, 2005 and 1998.
TOKYO - A leap second will be inserted into global time scales on Jan.
For Newhall, he's billing his get-together as possibly the last time anyone alive now will experience a leap second.
By accounting for the leap second, we stay true to our promise while tackling an interesting scientific and technological challenge," says Dr.
The time-of-day corresponding to the leap second is represented as 23:59:60.
But it does not look as if the leap second is going to happen now.
At the heart of the matter is the proposal to abolish the so-called leap second to adjust to the earth s rotation in relation to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the current standard for measuring time.
These days, a leap second is inserted in UTC to keep it within 0.
This Saturday is the first leap second since January 2009 and the 25th overall.
This additional second, called leap second, is added to the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) and clocks around the world to go in sync with the Earth's rotation, a concept similar to the leap year.
In its second decision, the UN telecoms agency defers a decision on whether to abolish the leap second to 2015.