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the name of the day that is added during a leap year

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The Westerners added a leap day at the end of February, throwing the calendars out of synch; the Iranians added their leap day three weeks later at the end of the Esfand (the last month of the Persian calendar), and everything was back in alignment again for three years, 11 months and one week.
Leap Day events for the public will include opening at 10am for a special Monday Toddler Time from 10am - 1pm for $1 per person per hour.
1 percent compared with the same month in fiscal 2012, and were flat when excluding last February's leap day.
A LEAP day pyjama day at The Kingsley School raised money for charity ILEAP.
On the spur of the moment we just decided Leap Day would be the best time to do it.
JOHN CORNWALL had good reason to remember Leap Day.
Across North Wales, over 5,000 Trust staff were given the Leap Day - February 29 - off to volunteer for a day in their communities.
Staffordshire-based Punch Taverns, which owns more than 5,000 pubs across the country, gave all 250 staff at its headquarters Leap Day off as part of a campaign to lift the country's community spirit.
Leap Day: When women are 'allowed' to propose Back in the day, Leap Day was the only day where a woman could propose.
To compensate, the calendar skips a leap day every 100 years, at the turn of a century.
But seven-year old Zaki, the couple's fourth son might be little envious on the attention given to the triplets on their leap day birthday.
We never really thought of Rhona as being a traditionalist, but it seems she's decided that this Leap Day she's going to take advantage of the old custom - that says women can propose to men - and ask Paddy to marry her.
Canadian airline WestJet announced on Thursday that it will celebrate its 16th anniversary on 29 February with a special offer of one-way USD16 fares for travellers with leap day birthdays.
According to Irish legend, a man who is proposed to on a leap day must accept, thus the title.
The chance of being born on Leap Day is about 684 out of a million, or one in 1,461.