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But, in recent years, exporters have worked hard to develop a trade in clean beef, on the assumption that the French market wants extreme leanness and the Continental conformation.
Good conformation, as well as leanness, is therefore very important, and the new Lean Percentage Contract will help us to identify the highest-yielding pigs and thus increase our com petitiveness," he said.
Meanwhile, DS has been focusing on the industry's quality advances in its home market by launching a special `skipping pig' campaign to emphasise the leanness of Danish pork ( see above).
For ground beef packages, for example, the leanness of the meat would be included along with other information.
Our in-market team epitomizes the focus, leanness and effectiveness required in these challenging times in our industry, and I'm pleased to say that we are now seeing the results of our hard work.
Today's lean beef simply is not your father's steak: There are now 29 cuts of beef that meet government guidelines for leanness, including favorites like flank steak, tenderloin and T-bone steak.
Never equate leanness with fitness and steer clear of the endless cycles of corporate anorexia and bulimia.
Goffin, a 43-year old homemaker, along with 20 other women and 11 men, enrolled in the weight loss study using a program called the Leanness Lifestyle developed by David Greenwalt, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and 23-year veteran fitness expert.
The editors praised "the carrier's relentless focus on excellence in the air combined with leanness and flexibility on the ground.
CONTINUUM earned four stars from Rolling Stone Magazine, USA Today wrote, Mayer's "smartly crafted third album combines singer/songwriter pop and sinewy guitar blues," and the New York Times opined, "Mayer has been writing songs again, good ones, with all the leanness and directness that distinguish his strongest work.
There are now 19 cuts of beef that meet government guidelines for leanness, including favorites like tenderloin and T-bone steak.
Our asset management record is outstanding due to the strong influence of the Arvin Total Quality Production System, which is based on achieving leanness throughout our operations and value chain.
No other mobile content compression combination today approaches the video and compact color still image delivery leanness of Kinoma.
LG727: Obesity - LG727 is an enzyme that, when knocked out, results in leanness and resistance to diet-induced obesity.
For example, there are now 19 cuts of beef that meet government guidelines for leanness.