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not subject to leaks

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According to the review, which can be found in the November 2008 issue of SC Magazine, Trend Micro LeakProof is "an easy to use, excellent performing product with too many features to be covered in [just one] review.
Ensure the container has cross-ventilation and a leakproof bottom with an absorbent layer.
They are elasticated for a neat, leakproof fit and have Aplix fastenings.
Leakproof duct fittings and aerosol-based duct sealing lead the list of attractive energy-saving improvements for commercial buildings, according to a new report published by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).
A custom-made leakproof container that looks like a Chinese take-out carton makes the cereal particularly portable, and although that doesn't do much for ceramic dinnerware sales, the heightened publicity surrounding breakfast just might.
Leakproof primary containers hold samples, leakproof secondary containers hold the primary container, and the outer box holds them all--Exakt-Pak uses hundreds of configurations to custom assemble packages to fit customers' needs to provide flexible and cost-effective packaging solutions.
Its round twist-and-seal lid ensures leakproof transporting.
His wheat-starch-based prototypes are sturdy, attractive, convenient to use, and just as leakproof as their polystyrene counterparts.
The bottles have excellent gas barrier properties, and are lightweight, leakproof and shatter-resistant, making them ideal for air shipment.
The American-made leakproof bags have been designed so both men and women can use them.
The pilot scheme in China enables farmers to purchase crop protection products in small quantities from their local retailer using a leakproof, convenient packaging and delivery system.
Are contaminated sharps disposed of in leakproof, puncture-resistant containers that are color-coded red or identified by the biohazard symbol?
The tips use Husky's UltraSeal technology for leakproof operation, and heaters and thermocouples can be replaced in the press.
Created specifically for the healthcare environment, the hamper design includes wire frames and floor plates to support polybags or leakproof retainer bags.
The leakproof "0" ring quick disconnect door guarantees airtight performance.