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the discharge of a fluid from some container

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The private lender said that Sebi has directed it to strengthen its processes to ensure that instances of leakage of UPSI (Unpublished Price Sensitive Information) do not recur in future.
According to report, employees of University of Health Sciences (UHS) are involved in leakage of paper.
Patients with post operative CSF leakage had either been treated initially with conservative measures including re-suturing of the wound, with CSF lumbar drainage to be employed in case the CSF leakage didn't stop, or the initial intervention was the institution of CSF lumbar drainage simultaneously with conservative measures.
5%) had ultrasonographic abnormalities, suggestive of plasma leakage.
Because of its impact on energy use, leakage needs to be an option in building simulations programs that include parallel FPTUs in air-side HVAC systems.
sup][1],[2] Therefore, cement leakage is the focus of attention by clinicians in these patients.
The effect of various design and operating parameters including leakage area, supply airflow rate, and rack cooling load are systematically evaluated by varying one parameter at a time.
Many researchers have used power models and algorithms to estimate the nominal leakage current of a circuit, the minimum and maximum leakage currents of a circuit have been estimated using a greedy heuristic.
The figures are based on the amount of LEAKAGE as a percentage of water supplied.
Initial findings from a new comprehensive study undertaken by the Environmental Defense Fund and the University of Texas found that methane leakage rates from natural gas systems were far below estimates of previous studies.
Insofar as apical seals are the main barriers against tissue fluid leakage and bacterial recontamination, the long-term success of endodontic therapy is directly dependent on the effectiveness of these seals.
Based on clinical experience, the authors posit that indwelling catheter leakage may also occur as a result of a catheter design flaw.
Non-leakage oil pump is mainly made up of pump barrel, centralizer, plunger core, elastic sealing body, travelling valve and fixed valve (Figure 1), adopting composite seal mainly by hydraulic flexible seal, supplemented by wear self-liquidating, fully reducing leakage, improving the efficiency of the pump.
1) To that end, engineers routinely specify air duct leakage testing to verify that their finished systems meet acceptable standards for air conveyance.
The Water Directorate in Madinah has launched a drive to detect leakage in the internal water network of government buildings and residences in the city.