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attach oneself to a group

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On the other hand, both Al-Dareya and Al-Riyadh, long-serving in the Saudi First Clubs League were sent down to the Saudi Second Clubs League together with Al-Nahdha.
It was the first time since November the Dragons had put back to back wins in the league together.
The exit poll will be conducted by the ELS independent research center, the REY Monitoring Center, as well as the Azerbaijani youth's rights protection center together with the French "Opinion Way" Social Research Institute, the Citizens' Labor Rights Protection League together with the US AJF & Associates Inc during the election.
Unless the teams meet in the postseason, the Sharks and Bulldogs will have gone nine years in the league together and never played against each other.
We're lucky to have him and hopefully we can go up to the Premier League together so the club hasn't got a decision to make on his contract.
A frantic Johnny was texting the Browns QB coach to get him out of there so that "we can wreck this league together.
The Canaries have been Swansea's bogey side since the two teams were promoted to the Premier League together three seasons ago.
It's a brilliant opportunity to be part of such a good team, working with a good set of lads who'll all have a crack at the Premier League together.
This season marks the first in more than 50 years that the club has won promotion back to the top flight, and the first time ever two Welsh clubs will be in the league together - how many seasons can they stay there?
Putting all the facets of rugby league together on a consistent basis is our deficiency.
8 million last year, and increased thanks to higher receipts from the Champions League together with a rise in income from the central Barclays Premier League television contract relating to overseas broadcasting.
The League together with the Just Peace Forum (JPF) organized a demonstration in Khartoum in support of the Syrian opposition on the grounds of Islamic solidarity, effectively defying the pro-Assad stance expressed by President Bashir.
The pair had a very successful, six-year relationship and won the Champions League together in 2007.
The committee is recommending that the five 6A schools in southern Oregon be placed in a league together for playoff purposes, and the other six hybrid schools in 6A - South Eugene, Sheldon, Thurston, Redmond, Lincoln and Grant - be put in a hybrid district with two automatic qualifiers to state in each team sport.
We didn't feel that we did ourselves justice last time, and want to give ourselves a chance to put two decent halves of rugby league together," he said.