leafy liverwort

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moss-like liverwort with tiny scalelike leaves

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However, in Pallavacinia (Metzeriidae I) the spindle originates from nuclear envelope associated prophase microtubule systems and is more like that of leafy liverworts.
Fossombronia or Aneura, but instead shares similarities with the leafy liverworts to which it is not particularly closely related.
The unidentified leafy liverwort formed a tangled mat on the floor of the lake, and this was associated with steeper, less stable slopes in the lakes, suggesting that this growth form may be associated with rapid colonization.
It can be related with the consideration that Lejeuneaceae is the most advanced and most highly specialized family among the leafy liverworts (e.
Pre-meiotic bands and novel meiotic spindle ontogeny in quadrilobed sporocytes of leafy liverworts (Jungermannidae, Bryophyta).