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Synonyms for leaflet

Synonyms for leaflet

a thin triangular flap of a heart valve

part of a compound leaf

a small book usually having a paper cover

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Town hall bosses say they wanted householders to notice the leaflets and not think it was junk mail as they contain "important information" about bins.
General and local election candidates trying to win your vote are making pledges and promoting themselves on the leaflets.
The consortium said it would not recall printed copies of the leaflet given to parents, but would remove it from its website.
Its research is funded by the NSPCC and the two groups came together to launch their latest series of information leaflets.
Powell added: "With leaflets, as soon as they are posted the occupants of the house can see your company and what you are offering.
The 5,000 Coventry City Council leaflets use pictures to explain the perfect angle for wheelie bins to be placed before binmen collect them.
Lt-Colonel Muzyad Al Utaibi, Chief of the Tourism Police Section at the Criminal Investigation Department, said: "The leaflet offers five important guidelines for tourists.
The children have really enjoyed learning about Road Safety Week and have produced excellent leaflets with important messages.
The leaflet, signed by Independent Councillors of Ynys Mon Council, criticised Plaid for a number of claims in their own election material.
The regression equations of each leaflet were compared by the confidence intervals based on a parameter to 5% of significance.
Nocton Dairies has complained to the ASA about a leaflet issued by a campaign group opposed to its planned superdairy in rural Lincolnshire.
One leaflet depicts an English woman's infidelity with an American soldier and has the caption "You American s are sooo different".
The writers of the leaflet have mentioned that Israeli goods are produced by robbing the Palestinians of water and land, while the "Israeli occupation prevents the Palestinians from working in agriculture and exportation.
Stockton Council has produced the leaflet which highlights the historic properties in the town centre, drawing particular attention to the surviving examples of its 18th Century past.