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having or covered with leaves


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Instead take your homemade sandwich or purchased takeout to the more tranquil and leafier area just by the Roman baths.
This "perfect picnic plate" is a leafier version of your own backyard barbeque.
It's all too easy, if you live in Britain's leafier corners, to speak of smashing union power as the greater good.
The blackspots in Merseyside were the leafier parts of Wirral, in the constituencies of Wirral South (up 143%) and Wirral West (up 114%).
In a tiny greenhouse on a 6-acre farm in the hills south of Wenatchee, Spencer knelt down and brushed his hand over the fragile stems of a tray of microgreens--think sprouts, but leafier and greener.
Christie began his political career in the early 1990s after he finished law school and moved to neighboring Morris County, a suburban haven even tonier and leafier than Livingston.
Anecdotal stories abound of residents in the leafier boroughs such as Chelsea being approached by their local estate agent with a 'once in a lifetime offer'.
Because the hotel is so close to Waterloo Station, visitors also have easy access to some of the city's leafier outer suburbs via a number of over-ground trains.
We are just about ready to put away the casserole dish for the next six months or so - the slow-braised dishes and hearty stews are now at the end of their 'season' - and we enter the warmer months with hundreds of ideas for lighter, leafier, greener dishes.
When a passenger pulled out a knife and demanded he hand over his wallet, then his teenage son was brutally attacked in the street and robbed of his mobile phone, Hashim moved to a leafier suburb.
But while bar-raising is fine for leafier boroughs, where residents have more money to spend, council chiefs in less affluent areas -such as those on Teesside - have more to consider.
The new species, like other tropical mistletoes, is leafier that the European and North American Christmas classic, which features a cluster of berries on a green stem.
The centre of the info display features an eco bar with trees that become leafier the more sympathetically you drive, but wither if you show a disregard for the environment.
Few other urban areas have such an abundance of forests and parklands, allowing deer easy access to leafier neighborhoods.