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long narrow spring consisting of several layers of metal springs bracketed together

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The introduction of composite materials was made it possible to reduce the weight of the leaf spring without any reduction on load carrying capacity and stiffness.
This report has profiled key players and comprehensively analyzed their core competencies along with a detailed technological overview of leaf springs on the basis of their material, cost, weight, manufacturing process, and size.
The basic shape of the composite leaf spring is sought with the help of a geometrical optimization.
A LCV leaf spring is taken into consideration for this study.
He found the erector tube was supported against the elevation and windage turrets by weak leaf springs positioned opposite the turrets.
The AVSEA consists of two DC motors: one is used to control the position of the joint, and the other is used to control the effective length of the leaf spring to adjust the stiffness of the AVSEA.
1 August 2011 - Rating agency CRISIL on Sunday said it had given a BB/"stable" rating to three loans of Indian leaf springs maker Mack Spring Industries.
Whether a trailer is ruined by weight from snow, plugged scuppers in a rainstorm or simple overloading, the point of failure is often the leaf springs, which also can be due to normal corrosion and age.
Combined with his knowledge of leaf spring technology, Eggiman devised a new bat.
The 'transmission' table moves parallel to the fixed table via a robust leaf spring arrangement, making the Checkmaster suitable in hostile production environments.
The QUICK KNIFE system is a simple leaf spring with a welded bolt.
Manufactured with Steloy, a steel and aluminum combination, the models use three solid links to connect the cuffs and feature True-Swing Technology, boss rivets, a leaf spring in the double-locking mechanism and three six-teeth retaining bars.
Spring pins that secure the rear clamp and forward leaf spring missing from upper hand guard (rail)
3 engine, has disc and drum brakes, all-round leaf spring suspension and can literally go anywhere.