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long narrow spring consisting of several layers of metal springs bracketed together

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He found the erector tube was supported against the elevation and windage turrets by weak leaf springs positioned opposite the turrets.
The AVSEA consists of two DC motors: one is used to control the position of the joint, and the other is used to control the effective length of the leaf spring to adjust the stiffness of the AVSEA.
ZF plans to build prototypes of the composite leaf spring solution and install it on a few mules to determine its real-world behavior, focusing on crash performance.
Transporting those heavy presents won't be a problem thanks to a huge load bed and basic but rugged leaf spring suspension.
Ford Ranger driver Selwyn Kendrick and Paul Stone, British Springs sales director, with a leaf spring of the type used in the Paris-Dakar Rally
Optional equipment includes a magnetized end pulley, hydraulic reversing fan, leaf spring suspension, radial stacking conveyor and satellite linkage for the variable feed system.
Each male element includes a leaf spring acting on a pivoting lever to keep a steady pinching load on the waist strap.
SANLUIS is the world's largest producer of leaf springs, where it is the predominant or sole supplier for the top-selling brands and produce substantially all of GM's, Ford's and Chrysler's leaf spring requirements.
Rear With Bush At Both Side, And Sackle Assembly Complete With Bolt, Nut,Bush, Sackle Plate Nos Of Leaf Spring 03 Three , Brand And Make- Jai/Jpsl/Tata
The model is available with a new ladder frame chassis, new independent coil-spring layout at the rear instead of the leaf spring setup found in the current model, a new terrain management system, Ford's SYNC2 multimedia setup and an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system.
Leaf spring suspensions struggle to combat axle wrap by using staggered shock absorbers (one mounted on the front of the axle tube and one mounted on the rear of the axle tube).
Spring pins that secure the rear clamp and forward leaf spring missing from upper hand guard (rail)
Nissan used to say "Dogs like trucks," Now they say "Real trucks have all-steel double-wishbone independent coil sprung front suspension, and over slung leaf spring solid rear axle, and a front anti-roll bar.
With rear wheel drive, handling was a bit of a problem on sharp corners, but considering its age and primitive rear leaf spring suspension it suffered from little roll.
The same proven SumoSprings Solos that have aided the truck's previous rear leaf spring suspension since 2003 can also be installed on the 2014 model to provide stability and prevent bottoming-out under load.