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any of the various shape that leaves of plants can assume

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When combined with experimental efforts, these models promise to help elucidate the regulation of leaf form and provide essential insights into shape regulation in eukaryotic systems.
and to identify whether the observed changes correspond to the original definition of the term by Goebel (1900-1905), which implies substantial changes in the leaf form among different metamers during plant development.
Brew yerba mate leaves, either in loose leaf form or in tea bags, into a hot, earthy beverage just like you would tea or enjoy prepared yerba mate beverages in bottles or cans.
Trait observations: A total of 17 vegetative traits, such as anthocyanin intensity on shoot tip, cold resistance of buds, bud break time, young leaf upper surface color, young leaf upper surface hairiness, young leaf lower surface color, mature leaf lower surface hairiness, mature leaf upper surface appearance, mature leaf form, mature leaf shape, mature leaf contour, shape of petiolar sinus, sinus width on mature leaf, dentation of mature leaf, petiole color, petiole hairiness and cane color was recorded.
Flower size and color vary, as do leaf form and foliage color.
The FBS has prepared a simple and single leaf form for the purpose, he said adding that the basis information to be asked for included the question about sanitation, energy, water, sewerage, accommodation, communication services and so on.
She encourages gardeners to plant with an emphasis on leaf form, texture, and color that will maintain the garden's vibrancy throughout the growing season, if not the whole year.
Not all trees will be leafed out by April 26, so photos of each tree's leaf form will be available for examination.
They then change leaf form, stop making aerial roots, stop climbing, and start flowering and producing black berries that are edible for birds but toxic to people.
Design Applications: (small) (filler) Round leaf form provides interest.
Mostly drunk in the traditional black leaf form, brewed in teapots, consumption is concentrated in the area to the west of the traditional import port of Hamburg.
A counter serving the lunch-time crowd also sells marijuana in leaf form, in baked goods, and in salves.
The global stevia market is sub-segmented on the basis of type into liquid, powdered and leaf form.
As well as selling stalls, there are the most exquisite displays of spring bulbs in the show section, each teased and tweaked to perfection of flower and leaf form.