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  • noun

Synonyms for leadership

Synonyms for leadership

the capacity to lead others


an act or instance of guiding

Synonyms for leadership

the activity of leading

the body of people who lead a group

the status of a leader

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the ability to lead

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The above leadership style chimes with selfless political leadership that Mandela echoes in Conversations with Myself (2010) that characterises his leadership architectonics in South Africa.
Leadership allows for no compromise in the integrity of one's word, deed, or signature.
Leadership is the general who knows the friendly and enemy situations, the immediate action sequence for the M 16 rifle, his driver's first name and family information, and the words to the Lord's Prayer.
Leadership is neither ruthless nor mindless discipline, but the ability to do the right thing at the right time, by putting the whole before the parts.
Extant leadership literature demonstrates many aspects of downward influence from leader to follower.
Our attention here is not on congregations or synods where trust is already severely broken, where conflict has become bitter and deeply disruptive, or where antagonists have organized against the leadership.
Leadership development also requires the acquisition of wisdom that experienced leaders gained as they moved through their careers.
The promotion process used to fill the first leadership opening, a lieutenant position, resulted in mixed reviews from personnel.
Never in the history of school counseling has leadership been more urgently needed (Borders, 2002; Paisley & McMahon, 2001).
The goal of the CDP is to improve command mission success by investing in a select group of high-potential professionals who will feed into leadership positions throughout the command.
If you want a leadership program, consider taking a women-only program, says Lisa Toby, associate director of executive education at Simmons College, the only business school designed for women.
The Youth Leadership Camp is offered to youth in grades seven through nine--mainly because other programs were available to youth in the other age levels.
Four graduates of Leadership SCV were selected to represent the Top 40 Under 40 during the San Fernando Business Journal Awards Night held Aug.
Yahng's journey to CalCPA chair began in China, and his initiatives for the coming year aim to help CalCPA cross cultural and ethnic borders by aligning CalCPA's leadership with the profession's growing ethnic diversity.
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