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  • noun

Synonyms for leadership

Synonyms for leadership

the capacity to lead others


an act or instance of guiding

Synonyms for leadership

the activity of leading

the body of people who lead a group

the status of a leader

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the ability to lead

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possible, supported by a core of leadership development programs.
Gandhi, George Washington and Winston Churchill, whose selfless service to humanity give their leadership style the stamp of trust, transformation, motivation, morality, legitimacy, social capital and "the enlarged enterprise" (p.
This Adaptive Leadership program for Manufacturing Leadership Council members couldn't be more timely as manufacturers of all sizes and in all industry sectors are dealing with changing business models, new ways of working and the corresponding need for more impactful ways to lead," said David R.
Believing in God, family, and country--in that order--is leadership.
Not forgetting that the past is our heritage, the present is our challenge, and the future is our responsibility is leadership.
Leadership from the point of view of the leader has been studied in a variety of ways.
A pastor and council or a bishop and staff may collectively develop a leadership style that becomes clearly perceived by a follower group quite differently than any self-perception.
At meetings, chaired by a development manager, they look at performance and potential obstacles to the FMDP's success in the next rotation, and what assignment could help round out the his/her leadership and financial acumen.
In the usual process of leadership development, the evolving leader rarely interacts with the CEO of the organization outside of the top leader's formal role in meetings and presentations.
Developing a training program seemed the most practical way to ensure that evolving team members shared the same leadership principles.
The investigators also reported a lack of understanding of group counseling in schools and the need for greater understanding of the leadership role the professional school counselor can play in advocating for all students.
Approximately 200 employees have graduated from the program since its inception, and today those employees hold leadership positions throughout the Navy.
If you want a leadership program, consider taking a women-only program, says Lisa Toby, associate director of executive education at Simmons College, the only business school designed for women.
One example is the Curry County Youth Leadership Camp.
Yahng's journey to CalCPA chair began in China, and his initiatives for the coming year aim to help CalCPA cross cultural and ethnic borders by aligning CalCPA's leadership with the profession's growing ethnic diversity.
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