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Synonyms for lead-in

Synonyms for lead-in

the introductory section of a story

wire connecting an antenna to a receiver or a transmitter to a transmission line

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But by introducing its Live Access website in February, Lead-in has stolen a march on its competitors, slashing the length of time it takes to receive leads from four weeks to a few seconds.
In the "surfer" ad, the lead-in uses "one in the same" when the correct usage is "one and the same," and throughout, everyone can be a success story, not have a success story.
CBS affiliate KTHV-TV, Channel 11, enjoyed strong lead-in programming at 10 p.
6 million viewers overall) thanks in part to its sizable lead-in from "The Big Bang Theory" (5.
That 27% decline in lead-in is certainly contributing to the dropoff for "Modem Family.
7/2 in the metered markets, down 42% from its lead-ins and off 30% from last year.
Likewise, on non-NBC-owned stations, which make up the majority of "Ellen's" clearances, the show has doubled its lead-in and is up 50% over last year in the demo.
23"--two shows that, despite vocal admirers, didn't exactly flourish ratings-wise with the advantage of a "Modern Family" lead-in.
Bolstering that hour was a priority for the network, and not just because it gives affiliates a stronger lead-in for local news.
Weak points: But ``Millionaire'' doesn't help all series - in fact, it seemed to be a particularly unpalatable lead-in for the critically acclaimed but quickly canceled ``Wonderland.
Thursday lead-in "Ugly Betty" and the failure of last season's "FlashForward" to take hold, yielding this fall's roll of the dice on faux documentary "My Generation," have deprived "Grey's" of a lead-in boost--once again extending the pressure of the show to keep generating its own audience as it ages.
4) even though lead-in "Survivor" remains surprisingly potent.
In addition, the sledding promises to get tougher for many news Operations with Oprah Winfrey's announcement that she'll leave daytime syndication in 2011--eliminating perhaps the most reliable lead-in for afternoon newscasts the business has ever known.
Grey's" should again win when everybody airs originals, and having "FlashForward" as a lead-in will give it more of a vibrancy--as well as some potential new male viewers--than it got from last season's lead-in, "Ugly Betty.
1, ``World News Tonight'' also enjoyed a strong local lead-in from affiliates, especially those carrying ``The Oprah Winfrey Show.