lead time

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the time interval between the initiation and the completion of a production process

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In another report by Forbes, while the lead times may have been expected this is actually better than anticipated previously.
manufacturing facility has done an amazing job in reducing lead times on nearly 450 active parts, including our most popular clamps, accessories and hydraulic clamping cylinders," says Tom Stimac, DE-STA-CO sales director, distribution North America.
When the lead time to manufacture the product and fill the customer's order is greater than the customer's order placement to delivery lead time, the product provider must fill the order from inventory.
Understanding all Components of Order/Delivery Lead Time
Here, the obvious theoretical question becomes: "If you can deliver 50 molds per year, then why is your lead time longer than a week?
Shaving lead times is becoming critical to success and survival," says Greg Foss, tooling engineer at Miniature Tool and Die, a molder and moldmaker in Charlton, Mass.
In doing this, we incorporate consideration of lead time, demand, and their respective variabilities in developing a method that can meaningfully guide procurement decisions to greater efficiency of inventory control.
Along with the tools, Lead Time Technology consultants lead supply chain management process improvements including the introduction of a Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process with excellent results in both metrics (improved customer service, reduced inventory, improved FC accuracy) and operating process improvements.
Lead time incorporates the other dimensions of quality, customer service and price.
Casting the hull section would reduce the lead time by half and eliminate most of the machining, but the question remained as to whether the section would find success as a converted cast component.
It's been an exciting ten years," said Mike Bonelli, President of Lead Time Technology.
Defining lead time in terms of its two biggest components - design and construction - the study found average lead times to be only 15.
We are able to cast, machine, and subassemble with short lead times--currently producing to release on a three week lead time basis-with total reject of less than 0.
An 85% shorter supplier lead time means that a manufacturer can be much more responsive to their market, giving them an incredible competitive advantage.
Second, the schedule can be used as a competitive weapon to transform those manufacturing cycle time reductions into customer delivery lead time reductions.