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the process of leaching

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Harlan Meade said, "The use of agitated tank leaching provides for high recoveries of gold alongside the leaching of copper.
Additionally, the fact that leaching was controlled by the chemical reaction was also supported by the relationship between the rate constant and the particle radius.
Recent test work has further optimized the organic acid leaching process, which has achieved nickel extraction of up to 98% from the saprolite material after less than 30 minutes.
Previously, Zhang and Kamdem (1999) studied the effect of copper sources, amine ligand types, and ligand to metal molar ratio on the leaching performance of copper amine system.
It has never been shown that lead is actually leaching out of landfills," says Fern Abrams, director of environmental policy at IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries, an industry group based in Northbrook, Illinois.
Water draining off each board was separately analyzed for CCA leaching.
Hydrometallurgy, particularly pressure leaching, is the use of water with pressure and high temperature to more efficiently extract minerals from an ore body.
Keywords: Nickel, Conventional leaching, Extraction, Microwave-assisted leaching.
A relative assessment of leachability can be determined from laboratory leaching experiments (Zhang and Kamdem 1999).
Townsend concludes that for steel-laden electronics, a direct measurement of lead content may be more reliable than the standard leaching test for determining whether the products, when thrown away, should be designated as hazardous waste.
Other projects have shown that hexavalent chromium leaches from CCA-treated wood, including a 1990 study by scientists from the University of Guelph in Ontario, published in volume 9 of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, that showed that leaching of chromium increased as the pH of a deck-washing solution was lowered.
Effective September 25, 1990, the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) replaced the EP-Toxicity Test as EPA's primary evaluation method for determining a material's toxicity.
LOW-COST METHOD CAN ALSO BE SUCCESSFULLY APPLIED UNDER COLD-CLIMATE AND HIGH-ALTITUDE CONDITIONS Profitable application of heap leaching for gold and silver recovery under a wide variety of conditions suggests that this method should be considered for deposits which are marginal or uneconomic for conventional processing.