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Synonyms for leach

Synonyms for leach

to flow or leak out or emit something slowly

Synonyms for leach

the process of leaching

cause (a liquid) to leach or percolate

permeate or penetrate gradually


remove substances from by a percolating liquid

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In his termination letter, Tech President Guy Bailey stated that Leach violated Article IV of his employment contract, which requires Leach to ".
In agreeing to allow Leach to return to work in accordance with the duties suggested in Richards' letter, the disciplinary panel took into account the proactive manner in which he had responded to the investigation.
Additional pre-feasibility work is also being carried out to evaluate the column leach test results for the initial heap leach operation and subsequent flotation plan.
Fiat declined to comment on reports that talks were under way to get Mr Leach on board to replace Fiat Auto head Giancarlo Boschetti who steps down next year.
In an interview with The Register-Guard, Leach this week said he didn't understand that the county didn't want him to do any more work, and he now vows not to do any.
The competition is still fierce but Ondo and Leach are more than confident that the negative effects of 9/11 are fading away and they are well-poised to retain their strong position in the recruiting market.
In 1934, somewhat to his father's horror, David Leach embarked on a three-year course at the North Stafford Technical College in Stoke on Trent, the centre of Britain's mass-produced pottery industry.
Nonetheless, Leach reaffirmed his commitment to repeal the Glass-Steagall act this year.
Before I present the Board's views, however, I first want to commend Chairman Leach for his leadership in recognizing the importance of congressional action in this area and for acting promptly to bring his bill before the committee for its consideration.
If there is any lead in the solder, it can leach into the food.
According to Akright in his 1997 report, "the gold resource potential of the Independence property occurs in two distinct categories: a shallow open pit mineable target, suitable for heap leach and a deep underground target.
New North Rd B 3 New North Rd C 0: R Leach (90) 200 S Hellawell (100) 191, A Conway (100) 200 G Thomas (150) 186, G Leach (70) 200 R Leach (130) 191.
Scott) Leach of West Brookfield and the late Martin D.
But a judge said the case of 42-year-old David Michael Leach was cast in a completely different light after the complainant told police he was never forced to do anything.
is pleased to announce that it has received excellent preliminary metallurgical silver recovery results from the bottle roll leach test program (conducted by McClelland Laboratories, Inc.