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a unit of length of thread or yarn

a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock

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Hall and Lea blamed each other for the crime, but the investigation showed that the pair shared the cash, with exactly half the money paid into Lea's bank account on the same day as each repayment was processed.
lea 1HP 208V 3 phase sludge pump, across the line starting, 3.
The use of private emails for state business came to light last month when Arkansas Business reported that Lea gave a no-bid contract to inexperienced, overpriced lawyers.
Table 1 summarises the comorbidities, risk factors, causes and complications associated with an LEA in the DM and non-DM groups.
The Leas was given to the National Trust by South Tyneside Council in Council in T 1987 to ensure that it remains a green lung for local people and visitors .
Lea now seeks a third party licensee to manufacture, market, and distribute the product for her under a royalty agreement.
Naya is aware of the guy that Lea is dating - and what he has been involved in - and she thinks that its hilarious that Lea is in this situation," a source told the (http://hollywoodlife.
Nice to see the Lea that we know and love back again," Nick commented.
This includes the burning at the stake of Vaninus, a local atheist, the installing of an ack-ack gun during the war and the laying of Lea Village by German prisoners of war.
Hoare Lea Birmingham's managing partner, Gary Andrews said: "2012 marks an important milestone for Hoare Lea in Birmingham and we are delighted that so many clients and colleagues were able to celebrate our 150th anniversary with us at The Cube, which was itself one of our landmark projects.
He dropped more than 20 pounds in a few months and Lea loves his new look.
Doctors at Dubai Hospital say Lea needs to go to Germany for advanced treatment in paediatric and chest care that could cost Dh1.
Fortunately, Lea provides us with ample context for us to understand which indigenous population he has in mind.
National mixed pairs area winners and national semifinalists: Jamie Lea Winch and Simon Gilbert (Whitnash).
When the pusher was admitted as a patient, Mark Lea warned other staff he would attack him and tried to find his bed, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.