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a unit of length of thread or yarn

a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock

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To support their fraud, the men produced fake invoices and Lea even went so far as to impersonate Hall, whose job took him all over the world, when inquiring about the repayments.
lea 2HP 208V 3 phase recycle pump, across the line starting, 5.
Texts between Lea and her former chief deputy, George Franks, show that she repeatedly instructed him to use his private account to send emails about official state business to her private email address.
1, records for 941 patients were found from the 1 134 patients identified as having an LEA from theatre records, a recovery rate of 82.
Stretching north from Souter lighthouse, The Leas is two and a half miles of magnesian limestone cliffs, wave-cut foreshore and coastal grassland.
The Lea Specialty Picnic Table Covers are also in Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
They still aren't friends - and concerning Naya, Lea is in the position where if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all," the source further spilled.
Lea was momentarily abandoning her 'go with the flow' attitude.
Re-Awakening Lea Village is a heritage project about the area's lost buildings and its oral history.
Hoare Lea has a strong heritage in Birmingham and the firm's founder, Henry Lea, was responsible for groundbreaking schemes in the city.
Nine-year-old Lea, pictured, spent most of her life in Dubai and won the hearts of many of the UAE's residents who read about her four-year battle with the disease in 7DAYS.
The co-actors have been dating since January and Lea, 26, insisted the 30-year-old drop some of the weight he was carrying thanks to his love of fatty foods.
Doctors at Dubai Hospital say Lea needs to go to Germany for advanced treatment in paediatric and chest care that could cost Dh1.
Fortunately, Lea provides us with ample context for us to understand which indigenous population he has in mind.
National mixed pairs area winners and national semifinalists: Jamie Lea Winch and Simon Gilbert (Whitnash).