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a revolving tray placed on a dining table


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Our entire line of Lazy Susans lets us provide customers with user-friendly, top-of-the-line kitchen storage products at a competitive price," said Jim Dahlke, vice president of business development.
Besides Lazy Susans, Feeny also designs and builds a variety of wire storage items, pantry storage units, pull-out waste and recycling containers, sink front trays and drawer inserts, and products for the bath and vanity.
Although earlyish in the evening, a few tables were already in full swing with lazy Susans, full of steaming dishes, swirling leisurely around as people picked and mixed their meals.
The challenge is to use all available space, say remodelers, with lots of corner treatments, built-in lazy Susans, multilevel counters, work islands and pull-out shelves.
Throw junk mail away immediately -- Assign each family member a hanging file in a file box for things like receipts, community event schedules, school papers and other items that typically end up on the kitchen counter -- Keep plastic kitchen utensils in one drawer and metal utensils in another -- Keep a coupon wallet in your car -- Teach children to use a stain stick on their dirty clothes before throwing them in the sorter or hamper -- Invest in Lazy Susans to organize everything from spices to medications -- Designate a closet or long drawer for gift wrapping supplies
Navigating their way through a significantly changed marketplace, manufacturers adapted by offering products that better suit how consumers live: The prevailing theme of the weekend was entertaining products, anything and everything from chip 'n dips to lazy Susans to tidbit plates.
Even lazy Susans are being offered with undermount slides and the soft-close technology, Arnold said.
The featured amenities include tiled exterior patios, porches and walkways; impact and hurricane resistant (140 mph) windows and patio doors; stainless steel "invisible" patio railing; bath and laundry with sound insulation; granite countertops in kitchen and bath; Whirlpool[R] and Kitchenade[R] stainless appliances; raised panel maple cabinets that include lazy susans, pull-out-trays, crown molding, under-cabinet lighting and bump-outs; master bath with garden tub; two-car, oversized garage with openers and key pad and elevators in each building.
Many evenings concluded with banquets, which may have as many as 15 courses served by hosts from lazy Susans that seem to be a feature of every round dining table in China.
Vacationers don't have to ponder choices of appetizers and entrees; instead, they graze family-style from lazy Susans laden with samplings of everything.
For all the models and drawings and lazy Susans, the display of this work remains very closed.
Roll-out pantry systems include wire, steel, and epoxy-coated baskets and shelves, tiers of lazy susans, and automated shelves that move like a Ferris wheel.
No more digging behind shelves piled with cans for the elusive jar of macadamia nuts, and no wobbly Lazy Susans.