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hospital for persons with infectious diseases (especially leprosy)

a small locker at the stern of a boat or between decks of a ship

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There may be a bit too much melodrama in Lazaretto for some readers, and at times the years seem to fly by too quickly.
The facilities were meant to accommodate just a few hundred, but they held more than 2,000, and the expanding city also encroached on the lazaretto.
While on the island, Dario was able to collect information about the functioning of the lazaretto and he wrote about the overcrowding, the lack of food, the poor organization of the washrooms, the process to disinfect passengers, and lives of the nurses and cooks.
Finally, after the appearance of the first medical statistic and bacteriological diagnoses, it was recognized that Colombia was not the world's major leprosy potency neither Boyaca an immense lazaretto, as it was postulated both nationally and internationally.
When emigrant ships are in quarantine, a similar want has been felt of some Professional person, through whom the Government may communicate with the medical officers in the Lazaretto and by whose advice it may be guided; and finally a difficulty has arisen in affording medical assistance to Emigrants who have landed or come from the Quarantine Ground in a state to require it.
Andrew Lazaretto, the county's consultant who found fault with the LAX plan, said he didn't believe it should be scrapped, but could meet the county guidelines with some changes.
When these figures are compared with the census figures, it is clear that most of the inhabited villages had cultivated land, the only exceptions being Cadir Aga and Arcadina di Lazaretto.
Constructed in 1847, the Lazaretto stands as Grosse Ile's oldest extant building and its most direct physical link to the Great Famine, other than the still visible trenches in the Irish Cemetery.
Departing from Lazaretto Creek Marina, Captain Mike takes adventurers toward the Atlantic Ocean, passing by shrimp boats and board docks that portray the charm of an old fishing village.
In 1400, Venice in turn rejected ships from the plague-stricken city of Ragusa, but it was not until 1423 that it built the first lazaretto (quarantine station) to house travelers and merchandise suspected of carrying infection.
9) Two of these, Drs Gourlay and Andrews are mentioned in the 'Memorandum of Characters' but perhaps the most famous was Dr Joseph Adams who published The Superiority of the Climate of Madeira in 1800 in which he advertised the residential care for invalids offered by himself and his wife, and Account of the Lazaretto in the Island of Madeira with an Inquiry into the various Diseases called Leprosy in 1806.
The National Historic Site will tell the story of the Irish tragedy in the quarantine station in 1847, focusing on the mass graves of the Irish famine victims, the tall Celtic Cross (which bears this inscription), and the only remaining hospital building from 1847, a long wooden shed called the Lazaretto.
The Lazaretto Vecchio, the world's earliest permanent plague hospital, was founded on a former monastic site on the island of Santa Maria di Nazareth--in fact the name seems to derive from "Nazaretho.
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