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Synonyms for lazaretto

hospital for persons with infectious diseases (especially leprosy)

a small locker at the stern of a boat or between decks of a ship

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Persons suspected to have plague were isolated at a center (tancat) (Instruction XVIII), whereas plague patients were housed at a lazaretto (Instructions XXXI).
While on the island, Dario was able to collect information about the functioning of the lazaretto and he wrote about the overcrowding, the lack of food, the poor organization of the washrooms, the process to disinfect passengers, and lives of the nurses and cooks.
Andrew Lazaretto, the county's consultant who found fault with the LAX plan, said he didn't believe it should be scrapped, but could meet the county guidelines with some changes.
9) Two of these, Drs Gourlay and Andrews are mentioned in the 'Memorandum of Characters' but perhaps the most famous was Dr Joseph Adams who published The Superiority of the Climate of Madeira in 1800 in which he advertised the residential care for invalids offered by himself and his wife, and Account of the Lazaretto in the Island of Madeira with an Inquiry into the various Diseases called Leprosy in 1806.
The National Historic Site will tell the story of the Irish tragedy in the quarantine station in 1847, focusing on the mass graves of the Irish famine victims, the tall Celtic Cross (which bears this inscription), and the only remaining hospital building from 1847, a long wooden shed called the Lazaretto.
The supply and delivery of electrical energy necessary guarantee to supply the needs of Ports Brusc, Porquerolles, the Madrague of Giens, La Tour Fondue, the Lazaretto Saint Elmo, the Levant and Bregaillon Ayguade.
Other noteworthy Columbia artists and projects led by Greer include both of Jack White's solo albums, Blunderbuss and Lazaretto C both of which entered the Billboard Top 200 chart at #1, Pharrell Williams's hit Girl album and ubiquitous smash single, "Happy," and John Legend's Gold album, Love In The Future.
The lazaretto was commonly referred to as Nazarethum or Lazarethum because of the resemblance of the word lazaretto to the biblical name Lazarus (12).
YOU'LL find far more crowds at the twin beaches of Le Bombarde and Lazaretto, two stretches of white sand about 15 minutes north of Alghero.
the supply and delivery guarantee electricity needed to supply the needs of the Ports of Brusc, Porquerolles, the Madrague of Giens, La Tour Fondue, the Lazaretto Saint Elmo, Ayguade Levant and Bregaillon.
The exclusive broadcast, showcasing a diverse line-up, will include Jack White's performance, which comes days before the release of his anticipated second solo album, Lazaretto.
These are not mere signatures, but complete documents: an account for the purchase of marbles by Michelangelo dated 1518, a long letter from Pirro Ligorio, dated from Ferrara in 1573, including several drawings, and an elevation and ground plan of 1580 by Pellegrino Tibaldi, an architect closely associated with Carlo Borromeo, of the church of S Gregorio, called the Lazaretto, in Milan.