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a person afflicted with leprosy

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Over the years, physicians in various stages of training have shown remarkable enthusiasm for providing HIFU for their prostate cancer patients, but they did not see a clear path for obtaining accessibility to the technology after FDA approval," said Lazar.
Lazar, “has come to the United States seeking direct military aid for the Kurdish militia known as the Peshmerga.
Lazar was born in Boston, son of the late Steven and Angelina (Duni) Lazar.
According to Lazar, in 2014, the gas price will be decreased by an average of 10 dollars to 365 dollars per 1,000 cubic meters.
I think for 'What's Trending,' we were always going to be a brand that was daily, and so it was just a matter of when it was going to happen," Lazar told IBTimes.
Prosecutors claimed Lazar went to Belarus to hand the disks over via a mediator, the BBC reports.
In his new role, based in Birmingham, AL, Lazar will oversee insurance sales and operations within the markets and will report to Tom Longhta, regional managing director for Wells Fargo Insurance's South region.
Lazar said he is aiming at two small-sized banks as partners in the current year.
TALLINN -- The Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate celebrates the appointment of Archimandrite Lazar as its new Bishop of Narva.
Last April, three-year-old Lazar Ognjenovic's grandfather was walking him in his stroller along the shore of Lake Michigan at Chicago's Belmont Harbor when a strong gust of wind blew both Lazar and the stroller into the lake.
Downtown merchant Makyadath Lazar and university student Ian Goldfarb late this week decided not to pursue the mayor's office.
In Cairo, which had become his home, Gemma is welcomed into the Lazar family by David Lazar, her father's longtime friend, and his two sons.
Lazar Sarna is a quite unique and distinctive voice in Canadian poetry.
Lazar points out that 19 of the 32 dancers who have been members--all handpicked for their talent from the school-have indeed gone on to join major ballet companies including the Joffrey Ballet, Dayton Ballet, and Atlanta Ballet.