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Synonyms for layman



Synonyms for layman

someone who is not a clergyman or a professional person

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In such cases the celebrating priest often gives a short homily or just makes a few comments before turning it over to the layperson.
Although the parish report, written by layperson Sandra Flowers, often mentions the congregation's desire to have a full-time priest, it also acknowledges that the church has "many debts" and "maybe (needs) to look elsewhere for financial support.
You too say that virtuous laypersons are persuaded that the other is within us.
For example, laypersons concerned with imaging system legalities will often hope to locate a case decision on legality of magneto-optical imaging systems used by power utilities in the State of New York to image personnel files.
In nine essays designed to help pastors and laypersons learn the true meaning of the separation of church and state, Mark Whitten descries and debunks certain myths concerning church-state separation.
Each lecture is attended by Jews and Christians, including laypersons, clergy, and academics.
It provides insights into the varying perspectives held by laypersons, experts, and policymakers who are attempting to solve some of the problems that the mismanagement of teen sex has created.
However, nowadays, to be up to date scientifically, guidebooks intended for laypersons should also measure up against a second standard.
The EITF okayed hedge accounting for simple purchased options used to hedge anticipated foreign currency transactions, but with regard to the more cost-effective forwards and combinations options, the SEC staff objected to permitting this treatment, a conclusion that is baffling for both laypersons and accountants.
Both proposals passed review by the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC), a panel of scientists, ethics experts and laypersons charged with advising the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on genetic engineering.
AEDs create liabilities - Although they vary by state, Good Samaritan laws exist to protect laypersons acting in good faith, even when the individual cannot be revived.
I am grateful for the priests and religious who have molded much of my life, but I have received solid sustenance from laypersons as well.
But few laypersons get a chance to experience such wonder.
Twenty-four priests, religious and laypersons were killed in 2006 while carrying out missionary work--one less than in 2005.
I read McClory's article and was impressed with the similarities between the American scene and that in Australia for those laypersons who work for the institutional church.