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Synonyms for layman



Synonyms for layman

someone who is not a clergyman or a professional person

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the perception and preference of different smile attributes amongst orthodontists and laypersons.
I wonder: Would it be possible for qualified laypersons to offer the homily in certain Masses, perhaps according to a regular schedule?
As was the case with my own "reflection" at Sunday Mass (technically, a layperson cannot give a "homily"), many pastors do currently allow people other than priests and deacons to speak at Mass.
Overall, the four studies capture how laypersons "conceive of prayer" and illuminate why prayer is beneficial (p.
The quality of the film is excellent; the music relaxing; the visuals clear; and the information concise, practical, and appropriate for a layperson.
This book is written primarily for laypersons to teach self-treatment techniques for shoulder stiffness and pain.
These people know how to write about legal matters in ways comprehensible to laypersons.
I would like to mention a book that you might have overlooked: Somebody's Knocking at Your Door: AIDS and the African-American Church (Hayworth Press), which is used in seminaries and faith communities to empower clergy and laypersons to provide HIV prevention education and offer intervention to people living with AIDS.
The parish's report recommended training more laypersons to lead services, but Mr.
Each chart is laid out in a very informative manner, and even laypersons unfamiliar with studying diabetes (such as a family member or someone newly diagnosed with the disease) will understand the concepts, problems, and solutions.
by the Valyermo Dancers, a troupe of laypersons who have been associated with St.
The practitioner-owner may outsource limited nonprofessional management functions to outside contractors, but may not cede any control over the professional side of the practice to an unlicensed outside entity such as a management company, or to any individual or group of laypersons.
The majority of board members are registered social workers; two are laypersons who represent the public interest.
attended weekly study sessions for laypersons on the weekly reading of the Torah.
For a layperson to convey the subtle but critically important, nuances through words to other laypersons is a challenge.