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someone who is not a clergyman or a professional person

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In such cases the celebrating priest often gives a short homily or just makes a few comments before turning it over to the layperson.
In her informative, well-organized, and relaxing DVD Therapeutic Massage at Home, Gruver teaches laypersons how to give a massage that eases tension and muscular knots in the back and neck.
This book is written primarily for laypersons to teach self-treatment techniques for shoulder stiffness and pain.
When I married, I came to Glencoe to live and continued to serve in the parish as a layperson, but always my calling as a deaconess was observed.
In this fascinating book, Vilenkin, a professor of physics at Tufts University, outlines some of the more recent cosmological ideas that may be harder for the layperson to accept.
From true stories of optimistic photographers struggling to use their craft to help the oppressed, to the stunning impact that cameras any layperson can easily use have had upon photography as a whole, Between The Eyes is an insightful, contemplative, tightly written set of discussions, illustrated with a handful of well-chosen photographic images.
Oceana's legal almanac series; law for the layperson
Seasons of Friendship: Naomi And Ruth As A Model For Relationship by Marjory Zoet Bankson (the first woman and layperson to serve as president of "Faith @ Work", a nationwide Christian ministry dedicated to providing tools for international community within churches) offers the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi's unique friendship as a model for valuing the different kinds of support that contemporary women, today still need and are able to provide in the different seasons of their lives.
This book is accessible to parish study groups; it challenges the most advanced in a scientific discipline or theology and yet keeps the layperson on board.
The book is written at the level of an educated layperson.
The court held that summary judgment was precluded by a genuine issue of material fact as to whether the officials' delay in treatment posed a substantial risk of serious harm, where the seriousness of the detainee's appendicitis could be discerned without competent medical proof, and the detainee's manifestations of pain and injury during his detention were so obvious that even a layperson could have easily recognized the necessity for a doctor's attention.
For the layperson, the NPC has assembled an online library of almost 50 articles, reports, and seminal documents from a variety of sources.
This book is intended for the layperson familiar with elementary geometry and arithmetic.
Popular" histories are directed at the layperson and casual reader, and are usually researched from secondary sources--other books, articles, and the like.
In a readable style accessible to designer and layperson alike, Kelbaugh discusses, if at times a bit superficially, a broad range of topics: urban sprawl, critical regionalism, architectural typologies and their uses in urban design, and the principles of the New Urbanism.