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the act of laying off an employee or a work force

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Newly available data on "reduction-in-force" (RIF) notices received by teachers in Washington State shed light on the consequences of existing layoff policies for student achievement as well as the consequences of adopting alternatives.
The Alliance's online job cuts board was abuzz on MondayAawith news from employees, all anonymous, who had received layoff notices.
The new rules state that all certified employees will be laid off in reverse order of continuous service in the same class, option, and approved layoff unit.
Before the layoffs, eCopy had about 220 employees between two offices along Spit Brook Road in south Nashua, meaning the layoff could have affected close to 75 people.
As more firms fold their tents or navigate layoffs, caution and honest conservatism are now more important than ever.
DUDLEY - Facing a nearly $60,000 deficit this fiscal year, selectmen have told town unions that layoffs are possible.
P-D management has declined to comment on the layoff process.
The airline has been working with the unions which represent its employees in an effort to agree feasible solutions to keep the number of involuntary layoffs necessary to a minimum.
But when an employee is laid off and the employee returns to work within 35 days, the layoff is not considered to be a termination under the wage rules, and the employee's wages are simply due at the next regularly scheduled payday after the layoff.
The distribution of extended layoffs by the size of the layoff shows an interesting picture, too.
Specifically, for the year after a layoff occurs, CEOs of the 229 firms studied received 22.
A UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS finance professor has released results of a study that shows how chief executive officers are rewarded for layoff decisions.
Layoff notices were sent to about two dozen teachers.