laying waste

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Synonyms for laying waste

destruction achieved by causing something to be wrecked or ruined

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He told delegates: "When the Government was laying waste to the coal industry and communities were being decimated, we didn't have workers in Scotland turning their backs and walking away.
This would have put Teesside on the music map of the UK and was another missed opportunity to actually build something worthwhile instead of laying waste to large areas of Teesside.
Burning the Mosques Bashar Assad is single-handedly destroying history by laying waste to now another ancient mosque in Homs.
She argues that the Union's military strategy of diverting waterways, slaughtering livestock, and otherwise laying waste to the South's agricultural infrastructure, while initially exemplifying control over nature, ultimately steered Americans towards ideas of preservation of wilderness.
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There was lots of online reaction to our story on how smoking is laying waste to our stricken schemes.
On November 14, 1940, the city came under attack from 500 German planes which rained down bombs laying waste to huge numbers of buildings and killing hundreds of civilians.