laying claim

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Synonyms for laying claim

the act of taking possession of or power over something


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The term is a mouthful, but it basically means family members will have a tough time laying claim to assets that the deceased meant to go to his or her partner.
But now Yorkshire, a neighboring county, in a grab for bragging rights, is laying claim to the 800-year-old legend.
Los Angeles school officials said Thursday they feared charter schools could begin laying claim to the district's scarce classroom space and unused land under a ballot measure approved in 2000.
Sixty-two percent of households reported that their dishes were only lightly soiled, with a mere 5 percent laying claim to really dirty dishes.
The exhibition includes some standards: a large circular arrangement of material (this time, petrified wood) laying claim to the gallery floor; and, in a small outdoor space, an equally familiar arrangement of the same material in descending size in a simple column.