laying claim

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the act of taking possession of or power over something


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But now Yorkshire, a neighboring county, in a grab for bragging rights, is laying claim to the 800-year-old legend.
Los Angeles school officials said Thursday they feared charter schools could begin laying claim to the district's scarce classroom space and unused land under a ballot measure approved in 2000.
Sixty-two percent of households reported that their dishes were only lightly soiled, with a mere 5 percent laying claim to really dirty dishes.
Now, as the Mirror reveals today, she's told pals she's furious at old flames laying claim to "her man".
The exhibition includes some standards: a large circular arrangement of material (this time, petrified wood) laying claim to the gallery floor; and, in a small outdoor space, an equally familiar arrangement of the same material in descending size in a simple column.
Stein's canonisation in October drew protests from some Jews, who felt the Catholic Church was laying claim to a martyr who died because of her Jewish heritage.