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the production of eggs (especially in birds)

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Different breeds have different laying characteristics.
Rid the plot of stones by hand-picking them off before you firm the ground by shuffling over the area or laying a plank of wood down and walking along it, moving the plank of wood on to the next bit once you've completed one line.
Hand-pick off stones before you firm the ground by shuffling over the area or laying a plank of wood and walking along it, moving the plank on to the next bit once you've completed one line.
Instead of laying off these employees, the employer participating in the Work Sharing Program keeps all 100 employees on the payroll, but reduces every employee's hours from five days to four days a week, thereby achieving the same 20 percent reduction in payroll.
LANCASTER - When most Antelope Valley school districts are nearly drowning in a sea of financial woes, Lancaster School District trustees believe they will stay afloat without laying off employees or increasing class sizes.
If the Barred Rocks started laying in March and had no artificial light, they would no doubt quit laying when the days were shorter.
The computer-controlled machine is available with four to 12 heads with each head capable of laying fiber at a rate of 9 ft/min.
AUTUMN is one of the best times for laying turf to create a beautiful new lawn, while the ground is still workable.
This suggests that egg laying occurred over an extended period, says Sato.
The board conducted a special meeting Monday night to vote on laying off 14 full-time classified, or nonteaching employees, to pare $1 million from the district's budget.
com, the UK-based online betting exchange, has announced the first ever European horse racing Backing and Laying Championship, which starts on 26th June 2004.
Such rogue egg laying is a crime against insect society.
Pupils joined war veterans and dignitaries to mark Remembrance Day with the laying of the first poppy on the Field of Remembrance at the Cenotaph on Linthorpe Road, which was placed by the chair of Middlesbrough Council, Councillor Javed Ismail.
Meeting a state deadline of Saturday for notifying certificated staff, the board voted 5-0 Tuesday in favor of laying off the assistant principals and 3-2 in favor of teacher layoffs, with trustees Sheldon Epstein and Sandy Corrales dissenting on the teacher layoffs.