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with one layer on top of another


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The mechanical principles integral to the sponge's design--diagonal ridges, bundled beams, and layered rods--can be found in structures that engineers build every day.
Understanding the factors involved in the analysis, pricing and capacity of excess layers will enrich an underwriter's job and make him or her better equipped to place layered deals,
Most of the new highly layered lines went to new players in the stretch film business, bringing shifts in market share.
Provides a layered view of the GPRS protocol and deals in detail with each layer separately
The images, taken by the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, show in unprecedented detail that massive structures of layered rock, like Earth's Grand Canyon, are widespread on Mars.
Highly layered films are tailored to create specific levels of barrier protection for food packaging - keeping oxygen or even certain light wavelengths out, or flavors and perfumes in.
At the Naval Research Laboratory, Prinz and his colleagues used molecular beam epitaxy to make a variety of layered materials combining copper with cobalt, iron or nickel with chromium, and copper with various alloys, varying the texture of the interface to study its effect on coupling.
a multi-national distributor of networking technology products, announced that its Comstor division has launched Layered Security Optimized, a program designed to help VARs create and maintain success in the networking security market.
Combining Top Layer's Attack Mitigator IPS with our existing Firewall, VPN, IDS solutions, we are able to offer a layered defense throughout our customers' networks with best-of-breed technologies.