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designated paved area beside a main road where cars can stop temporarily

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On the way home from a session he pulled off the busy A77 into a layby near Prestwick Airport before sexually assaulting her.
A spokesperson for Gwynedd council, which is responsible for the layby, said: "Structural works will begin from April 20 on behalf of UK Highways.
v) eastbound access to and from South View and Sandringham Road; (vi) westbound access to and from Southway and The Ramparts; (vii) eastbound and westbound carriageways between Throckley Interchange and West Denton Interchange, a distance of 3940 metres; (viii) eastbound carriageway laybys approximately 1140 metres and 2130 metres east of Throckley Interchange; (ix) westbound carriageway laybys approximately 1140 metres and 1610 metres west of West Denton Interchange; and (x) eastbound and westbound carriageways bus stop laybys adjacent to Thornley Road footbridge.
The adaptation of the upper layby basin: it will be widened at its southern end by relocating the banks.
There was a group of ladies laughing and one lady had, apparently, to get out of the car and was maKing her way over the road to PICK up her own car PARKED on the layby facing Huddersfield/ Dewsbury, obviously left there while they had all gone off together in one car.
Thieves cut a large hole in the curtain-sided articulated lorry parked in a rural layby on the A441 at Cookhill, near Redditch before making off with 6,400 tins of Heinz baked beans with sausages.
This summer a wall was built along the layby by Gwynedd Council to stop further tipping.
He pulled into a layby for a nap while delivering 3,000 bottles of vintage bubbly to a depot.
What householders don't realise is that they have a duty of care to make sure that their rubbish doesn't end up dumped in an industrial site or on a layby.
FOUR adorable kittens have been nursed back to health after they were shoved in a carrier bag and dumped in a layby.
The driver was asleep in a layby near Newport, Shropshire on Friday, when the thieves cut through the fabric siding of the truck and started unloading pallets of action figures.
Detective Sergeant Jim Butterworth said some of the drivers reported seeing vehicles parked in a layby close to where the dead baby was found.
Joseph Harkin was seen by police loading a box containing 80 packages of heroin into the boot of his car from another vehicle at a layby on the A52 near Faversham in Kent.
A NEW-BORN baby girl whose body was found dumped among fly-tipped rubbish in a layby has been named Louise by police.
5:03 Plate:Composite;Date:Aug20,201212:The effect ef of the Order will be to close, for the duration of the works, the layby situated adjacent to the A19 Trunk Road northbound carriageway approximately 1205 metres south of Back Lane overbridge.