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designated paved area beside a main road where cars can stop temporarily

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Bins are to be removed from laybys on several trunk roads through the region to encourage drivers to take their rubbish home with them.
However Hannah Ward and Daniel Flower fromHolyheadwere surprised with the quick and early arrival of their son, Frank who was born in a layby on the north Wales carriageway at 6.
a now it's It's just a so it is people "The original terminal was a proper one with more room in the layby for buses before the work started.
In a film about him, called Man on Layby 52, he said: "Freedom, isn't it?
The letter goes on to say there was going to be a layby on Wood Street, but it would be hard to monitor.
The incident, which happened at a layby westbound on the A55 at Ewloe services near Northop Hall, is being investigated by police.
Dozens of cars had packed into the layby by 6am on Wednesday.
Other vehicles for sale have been regularly parked at Ainley Top roundabout in a layby usually used by lorry drivers (inset).
v) eastbound access to and from South View and Sandringham Road; (vi) westbound access to and from Southway and The Ramparts; (vii) eastbound and westbound carriageways between Throckley Interchange and West Denton Interchange, a distance of 3940 metres; (viii) eastbound carriageway laybys approximately 1140 metres and 2130 metres east of Throckley Interchange; (ix) westbound carriageway laybys approximately 1140 metres and 1610 metres west of West Denton Interchange; and (x) eastbound and westbound carriageways bus stop laybys adjacent to Thornley Road footbridge.
THOUSANDS of tins of baked beans have been stolen from a lorry parked on a Worcestershire layby as the driver slept in his cab.
A long-running case involved a layby on the A487 at Maentwrog, where for years rubbish was thrown in to a SSSI gorge managed by a local farmer.
Total Layby' was developed in response to a resurgence of consumer demand for the interest-free layby method of paying for goods, and the pressure faced by retailers who need to increase sales.
The dea d man, believed to be in his 30s, was driving a white Ford Transit when the accident happened on the A941 Elg in to R o t h e s r o a d a t Drumbain layby.
He pulled into a layby for a nap while delivering 3,000 bottles of vintage bubbly to a depot.
FOUR adorable kittens have been nursed back to health after they were shoved in a carrier bag and dumped in a layby.