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a basketball shot made with one hand from a position under or beside the basket (and usually banked off the backboard)


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HAVING BEEN BLESSED with smart, disciplined, and hard-working athletes over the past five years, we have been running a patterned wheel offense that involves all five players and, when run correctly and patiently, produces easy lay-ups and uncontested medium-range jump shots.
Friday afternoon, they came within a few missed lay-ups of pulling off one of the biggest victories in school history.
The Eagles did create a number of opportunities, but at this level of competition missing lay-ups was proving costly - and by the end of the half they were down by 27 points.
After a slow start, the game began to gather pace with Chris Emmerson scoring two successive lay-ups for Prior and Munzara and John finding the net for the visitors.
Opportunities were being created, but missed lay-ups, handling errors and tough Vikings defence meant at half-time Eagles held a narrow two-point lead.
Jordan saw him almost every afternoon at the outdoor courts behind the recreation center, practicing free throws and lay-ups for hours by himself.
Shrewsbury cut it to 26-15 on back-to-back lay-ups by Abby Joseph and Rachael Montigny respectively midway through the third period.
So far they have been altering capacity via service suspensions, slow steaming, service deviations and lay-ups but no action on a collective front.
With Birmingham's defense keyed on stopping the 6-9 Honeycutt, Hooks took advantage driving to the basket for lay-ups or pulling up for 15-foot jumpers.
Considering that at least some of the abovementioned resources costs would be reduced in an eventual CFRA1 mass production, the price of this material is given below, for different lay-ups, in Euros per mass unit and per area unit.
Heretofore, you could find such intricate shapes only in custom hand lay-ups," says Miller.
The lead was all but extinguished by the half-way point in the quarter and had disappeared when Leicester made a lay-up, coupled with backto-back shots from distance, to give them a 56-62 advantage late on in the penultimate period.
To make a lay-up, you'll be jumping off one foot while shooting with the opposite hand.
Your first look is always for a lay-up off a curl-cut or basket-cut.
Riyadi were sluggish and slow on defense while uninspired in attack but a Nate Johnson lay-up on the buzzer kept Riyadi close at the end of the first quarter with the scores 25-17.