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If lay-offs were inevitable it is vital to follow proper procedures in order to avoid tribunal claims.
Last week Hyundai began distributing lay-off notices to 2,678 workers at its factory in the southeastern city of Ulsan.
Workers get lay-off pay of about 80 per cent of their normal wage.
Previously unattractive business propositions may merit another look, which is not to say lay-offs should be avoided at all costs.
Companies which use non-paid vacation time to reduce lay-offs also are sending their employees a message -- we care about you," said Stanley R.
Furthermore, a memo created by the former plant manager, Tom Lewandowski, revealed his advice to superiors that the plant closing had to be more than 12 months after the lay-offs so that the employees are deprived of their closing benefits.
Northwest has previously said that the decision on the lay-offs was a result of parking about 30 DC-9 aircraft and closing a heavy maintenance line servicing those aircraft.
Management at both plants said the lay-offs were due to declining international demand.
The lay-offs are effective immediately and result in an approximate 50% reduction in PurchaseSoft's total workforce.
MORE than 30 safety workers walked out of Wylfa nuclear power station yesterday amid rumours of lay-offs.
The lay-offs are part of a restructuring programme ordered by the government.
Citing a recent study in American Demographics that reported customer service is becoming increasingly important among households with incomes of less than $25,000, Leonard noted that Wal-Mart's lay-offs "could definitely hurt most in stores serving the chain's historic customer base.
Under the agreement, strike action will be postponed for 72 hours and the airlines will freeze lay-offs over the same period, Reuters reported.