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Synonyms for lay


lay into someone


lay it on thick


lay off


lay someone off


lay someone out


lay someone up


lay something bare

lay something down: sacrifice

lay something on

lay something out: arrange

lay something out: present

lay something out: spend




Synonyms for lay

to place (a story, for example) in a designated setting


to deposit in a specified place

to place (a corpse) in or as if in a grave

to regard as belonging to or resulting from another

to arrange tableware upon (a table) in preparation for a meal


to bring forward for formal consideration

to put up as a stake in a game or speculation

to make a bet

to move (a weapon or blow, for example) in the direction of someone or something

lay aside: to reserve for the future

lay away: to reserve for the future

lay away: to place (money) in a bank

lay by: to reserve for the future

lay down: to let (something) go

lay down: to set forth expressly and authoritatively

lay for: to wait concealed in order to attack (someone)


    lay in: to reserve for the future

    lay in: to accumulate and set aside for future use

    lay into: to punish with blows or lashes

    lay off: to cease trying to accomplish or continue

    lay out: to plan the details or arrangements of

    lay out: to work out and arrange the parts or details of

    lay out: to show graphically the direction or location of, as by using coordinates


    lay out: to distribute (money) as payment

    lay up: to reserve for the future

    lay up: to accumulate and set aside for future use

    not religious in subject matter, form, or use

    Synonyms for lay

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    Ken Stead and his brother Tim are both founders of Kat Exploration, are natives of the Newfoundland province and know the lay of the land as well or better than any other prospectors there.
    We want to hear Chernomyrdin out and hear his sense of the lay of the land.
    As for the day trips, we scoured the basin for untested waters and scaled its northern ridge - the boundary between Fresno and Mono counties, and Sierra and Inyo national forests - to get a better lay of the land from an 11,600-foot vantage.
    The Pictometry system gave us a lay of the land that we did not have before.
    The resulting selection of art includes paintings of all types and genres, as well as a few completely novel looks at the lay of the land.
    The orienteer must find a sequence of brightly colored flags - or markers - on the course, using the map, a compass and the lay of the land.
    As someone who moved to Boston to attend MIT Sloan and plans to work in the Boston technology community after graduation, the Tech Trek provides a great opportunity for me to get a lay of the land and meet some of the key players in the industry," said Brad Terrell, MBA `04.
    He credited Newhall Land with letting the biology and lay of the land dictate where buildings should be, rather than drawing up a plan first and making it fit the property.
    Paul knows the lay of the land, and we are confident that his experience in global selling and e-commerce applications will assist Aqua Vie in achieving a global presence and top-of-mind awareness.
    Before tackling the pinnacles, it's best to get a better lay of the land, for the labyrinth of rocks can be confusing without a proper overview.
    Now you can easily plan your next outdoor venture, see the lay of the land in detail and print your own topo map to take with you," says Martin Fox, spokesperson for Maptech.
    No better way to get a handle on the lay of the land.
    We spent a lot of time here trying to figure everything out, get the lay of the land and get your body clock situated.